Start spreading the news / I’m leaving today /  I want to be a part of it / Fort Worth, Fort Worth

A huge population increase in Texas during the past decade means we get an extra four seats in Congress. That makes an even three-dozen seats for the good ol’ Lone Star State.

Some of that population increase comes from people leaving places like New York and coming down here where the jobs, friendly folks, and sunny weather are more abundant.

Week Four 300x250


These new cowboy boots/ Are longing to stray / Right through the Stockyards part of it / Fort Worth, Fort Worth

Meanwhile, New York lost two seats. Its current total of 27 seats is that state’s lowest number since 1823.

It figures. How long can people live in a rat-infested city, pay $15 for a pack of smokes, $200 for a steak dinner, and yet have no place to park?

I want to wake up in a city that’s half asleep / And find I’m just like that panther that dozed in the street


Also, New Jersey lost one of its 13 seats. A good portion of its citizenry apparently fled that state after spawning Snookie and the cast of “Jersey Shore.”


And now everybody’s coming to Texas — and to Fort Worth, which is the state’s fifth largest but most adorable city.

If I can make it there / I’ll make it anywhere / It’s up to y’all Fort Worth, Fort Worth


  1. Oh boy, another four white Republican reactionaries and bigots we get to send to DC. New York may be a pit, but at least if I lived there, I would feel I had some actual representation in Congress.

  2. Well, I’ve lived my entire life in Los Angeles, moved to Fort Worth about 5-1/2 months ago. And with what I’ve learned and experienced so far here in Fort Worth… I’ve yet to meet a ‘bigot’ or a reactionary and I’m enjoying the good people, open space, less traffic, less nanny government and the fresh smell of Freedom I’ve missed for decades.
    Sure some places have advantages, some disadvantages. But so far, here…. the trade off is weeeelllll worth it!
    Thanks Texas. I’ll do ya proud.