Rick Perry – “Texan of the Year.” Really, Dallas Morning News? The paper’s citation is given annually to “a Texan who has had an uncommon impact; who exemplifies Texas traits of trailblazing, independence, and staring down adversity; and who has affected or influenced lives.”

I’m trying to figure out the logic, but the only thing I can string together is: Perry’s coyote-killin’, secession-flirtin’ campaign persona had an “uncommon impact” – it greatly reinforced Texas’s image as a yahoo state that loves to elect not-so-bright politicians if they just strut and grin hard enough. He “trailblazed” a path for future candidates who refuse to answer legitimate questions from reporters and newspaper editorial boards. He “stared down the adversity” of a routine public debate with his opponent and thereby denied voters a forum that might help inform their vote.

After endorsing Bill White in the guv race, a certain daily seems desperate for access to Gov. Perry during the 2012 presidential campaign, no matter what role he plays.