Mayor Mike Moncrief wrote a friendly letter to the editor of the Cap Times newspaper in Wisconsin after the TCU Horned Frogs gored the Badgers in the Rose Bowl last weekend.

In the letter, published today, he compliments the Badgers team and its fans for their graciousness before, during, and after the game.


“Despite the intensity of the game I can’t recall any personal fouls,” he wrote. “There was a mutual respect on and off the field. Many Badgers came up to us after the game and congratulated TCU and Fort Worth for the victory. Some said they underestimated TCU. Others told us we earned the victory. That was special. The state of Wisconsin should be very proud of their fans, their team and their coaches.”


Now, of course, is the perfect moment for Blotch to make a snarky remark, something about politicians writing nice letters with one hand while they’re stabbing somebody in the back with the other.

But you know what? I’m going to let it go. Moncrief deserves credit for a nice gesture.


Wait, this just in…CNN is reporting that a giant badger was found dead in urban Wisconsin with a gas drilling rig bored straight through its heart.

Dammit, I wasn’t going to go there!


  1. Dear Jeff, what a touching post. I shed a tear reading Moneydrief’s note. But like you I also find it hard to forget what a scoundrel the man is. Your addition to his and TCU’s punchbowl is only right and well-deserved.