For all the issues that Cowboys fans have with Jerry Jones, you’d have trouble finding one who’d trade him for Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder. Having turned one of the NFL’s most venerable franchises into one of its most dysfunctional teams, Snyder has now threatened the alt-weekly Washington City Paper with litigation for criticizing the way his team is run. At issue is this humorous piece written by Dave McKenna last November, detailing Snyder’s business shenanigans in a lighthearted way. The newspaper is sticking by its story. The latest developments are being tracked on Hogs Haven. Yes, Cowboys fans, I’m sending you to a Redskins blog.

The team with the racist name has given us no shortage of reasons to laugh at them, and that’s what the blogosphere is doing. Shutdown Corner calls Snyder an impotent fool. Mister Irrelevant looks back on their anti-Snyder posts and reckons they’re next to be sued, too. Slate blogger Tom Scocca compares Snyder’s outlook to that of Fox News: “[He] has turned his thin skin into an effective public-relations strategy.” Dallas fans may join in the laughter, or they can simply satisfy themselves with the Cowboys’ 17-7 record against Washington since Snyder’s takeover. No wonder the Dallas-Washington rivalry has gone off the boil recently.

While Snyder fights pointless battles against the local media, I’m glad that Jones isn’t sending lawyers to the Weekly‘s door to demand the heads of Jimmy Fowler and Jeff Prince for blog posts like this and this. On the other hand, just about everyone is pointing out that Snyder has only ensured a huge amount of publicity for Washington City Paper, McKenna, and his article by threatening him in this way. Hey Jerry, you stink as a general manager and you need to fire yourself. Let’s see him send the lawyers for me now.