Gas drilling activist Don Young has been named a Citizen of Steelers Nation because of his newfound love for a team that any card-carrying Cowboys fan should despise.


So what is it about the Pittsburgh Steelers that stole Young’s heart? The cool black and gold colors?  The legendary Steel Curtain defense? The old-school ground game? The cornerback’s hair commercials?



Former Cowboys fan Young became infatuated after Steel City did what many Texas cities, led by Fort Worth, have refused to do — take a cautionary approach to drilling until answers about the environmental and human impacts are determined.

“I’m a changed man since the city of Pittsburgh PA banned gas drilling in 2010,” Young said. “For that reason alone Pittsburgh deserves to be the new America’s Team.”

A “Pitt friend” named Bob Donnan made the  above certificate for Young, which he is displaying proudly beside his Fort Worth Weekly “Best Rabblerouser” Award and his Sagamore Hill Elementary School Spelling Champ of 1961 award.

Donnan fights gas drilling in Steelerville.


  1. You can talk about “America’s Team” until you’re blue in the face, which would be perfectly ironic considering all the red state Republican rednecks and numbskulls who run this prairie pit.

    But once you leave the Lone Star State, no one but an ex-Texan believes that the Jerry Jones Cowboys are still America’s Team.

    No one refers to the Cowboys as America’s team anymore. Let it go, you’re hung on some team from the 70’s man.

  2. WOW…that is great. I know…Texas just accepts the oil and gas destroying their land, health and lives. We will not have that here in Pgh…we value our land, health and recreational forests!

  3. Nice story: But even the most bandwagon fan knows that Troy Polamalu is a Safety, not a freekin’ cornerback. Geez!

    Unless you were talking about Ike Taylor. But I don’t think too may people obsess on his hair.

  4. The 1930s Depression era team of the FW Masonic Home orphans is a beloved team that were once national darlings, bright news when the nation had grim news. The coach, H.N. “Rusty Russell” invented the Spread Offense — which will be seen in the Superbowl. Considered a football genius and in two TX sports Hall of Fames, he had to outsmart opponents with his scrawny Mighty Mites. A true story, now being made into a movie and the blog has a post w/ more on the Spread Offense. Several Mites went on to play Pro including DeWitt Coulter and Hardy Brown.

    What a year of football excitement in FW! Like the 30s again!

  5. thats correct, pittsburgh banned drilling . there will be no trucks, drill rigs,noise and dirt and disgusting politicians who take money for there votes. that reason alone makes pittsburgh the best city to live in. go steelers