Remember when Trustee Judy Needham called her fellow Fort Worth school board member, Ann Sutherland, a “crazy old fool of a woman” because Sutherland had filed a protest with the Railroad Commission in order to stop Chesapeake Energy from taking advantage of a loophole in the law that would have allowed it to drill for natural gas within a few hundred feet of an elementary school? Sutherland filed the protest on the last day for it to be filed because, she explained, the district had not yet done so. At the last possible moment, the district filed, and Sutherland withdrew her protest. The difference in the two filings is that Sutherland did it herself, on-line, and it took her about 20 minutes, she said, at the most. On the other hand, the district hired the law firm of Cantey-Hanger to file its protest (never mind that the district has two on-site lawyers, one who is paid a six-figure salary and could have done the job.) Today this reporter finally found out, through an open records request, what the taxpayers paid the local legal eagles to do what Sutherland did in 20 minutes for free, and you might want to sit down: $2,068 for 7.3 hours of work.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it, who are the real crazy fools in this story?


  1. Yep, start flushing. What does Teach for America, Tyler Technologies, heat and air conditioning systems, a top heavy administration, overpaid superintendant, and all but three of our current board members have in common? They are all full of Poo and taking FWISD and the students down the drain.

  2. What no one is talking openly about are the missing bulbs for classroom promethian boards. As bulbs burn out around the District, there is no money with which to replace them. They ain’t cheap! Another MJ disaster.

  3. Unfortunately Tarrant County seems to breed these fools. Frankly I’m amazed that Ann took 20 minutes to file the protest. No kidding, I can do one in 30 seconds and send it via email to the TxRRC or fax it in another 2 minutes…maximum! Good gawd Betty, I could have charged the school district $2K per protest? If I could the North Central Texas Communities Alliance could have all that money per protest, we would have everything we need to protest more, and to reach out to others who need to protest these cases. Don’t expect any help from the Fort Worth city council…this group….. with only a couple of exceptions (and it aint’ Dirty Danny Scarth) is a complete embarrassment to this city.

    Thanks for the story…I’m sure you’re not paid what you are worth either!! LOL!

  4. Betty,

    It is hard to believe that the board members are trusting these group of incompetents to handle the budget crisis. Your report gives you a little hint of how the money is handled.

  5. That’s exactly why Chris Hatch was not re-elected. Even with a CPA background, he still told voters that you can vote for something but we will spend the money as we wish, should be fired. People need to realize that the school board and city council are 2 totally different groups and about 70% of your home taxes goes into FWISD coffers. No wonder you cannot get streets repaired around here. Schools need to be more modern with computer technology, self-study in high school level and get rid of some of the deadbeat teachers and social programs. By the way – what ever happened to parents who were an active part of their childrens’ education?????

  6. Trustee Needham, the current overpaid superindendent, and Chesapeake are like school on Saturday….NO CLASS. And no thinking going on, either critical or creative one.