Tonight (Tue Feb 15, 6:30pm), one of America’s great religious and spiritual minds (yes, religion and spirituality can go together) will be speaking at Beth-El Temple, 4900 Briarhaven Rd, FW. I’m referring to Katharine Jefferts Schori, the presiding bishop of the U.S. Episcopal Church.

Jefferts Schori is the first woman elected as the head of the American branch of the worldwide Anglican Church, which means she has pissed off a whole lot of people for all the right reasons. That group would include the petulant local Bishop Jack Iker and his followers, who three years ago voted to leave the Episcopal Church over the fact that they hate according any dignity to women and gay people. Oops! I mean, they left over some deeply held religious principles. Yeah, that’s it.


But with her calm, sane, generous, and erudite world view, Jefferts Schori doesn’t make just Iker and his ilk seem petty. With degrees in biology and oceanography and a hearty embrace of both the natural world and the holy life, she could (I believe) debate and handily dismantle Dawkins, Hitchens, and all those other dreary New Atheist fundamentalists.


  1. while im not familiar with Bishop Jefferts, I have yet to see Hitch be “dismantled” in any argument.

    Not that he needs me to defend him at all..

  2. Dreary New Atheist fundamentalists?
    There is nothing new or dreary about atheism. It is roundly rejected by the mass of people because it simply tells the truth. And, of course, the truth hurts.

  3. Those are not the words of Jesus in Timothy. If God had not wanted women to preach His word, He would not have given them a voice. Those who are called must be given the right and opportunity to do so.

  4. Forget Ms Schori. Patrick Madrid is at St. Ann’s Catholic Church in Coppell — much better choice! (I’m heading out the door right now!)