What’s more pointless than debating the existence of God? A debate between a right-wing “family values” preacher and the millionaire founder of an adultery website, that’s what. Tonight (Thu Mar 3) at 8pm, Pastor Ed Young will square off against Noel Biderman, creator of, at Fellowship Church in Grapevine.

I can’t think of anyone who wants to be cheated on, so that’s a mark against Mr. Biderman. However, marriage is a very complicated, some say flawed institution that has about a fifty percent failure rate, so there’s a demerit for Pastor Young.

Actually, I just thought of the point of this event – both men are getting tons of free publicity for their respective businesses. (With the help of yours truly).


  1. My guest is God wins in the final say, marriage remains a great institution and despite AM make a tough stance for pro-cheating will go on.

    This is really just about the money – nothing less.

    The victimization process for thousands of marriage partners will always be the responsibility of those who cheat. Yet, this infidelity service has to shoulder the blame too.

  2. Neither man will be “right”, but as Jimmy points out, both will win (publicity, that is). I think Ed has the winning conclusion, but he’ll likely waste a lot of time on pointless religious reasoning getting there.

    Any relationship worth staying in requires trust — not because some purported magical entity declares it but because being in a non-trust filled relationship sucks whether it’s marriage, a job, or a friendship. How well do you function at work when you are not trusted? Moreover, how well do you like going to work when you are not trusted. Trust is the key to any meaningful/valuable relationship and no preacher threatening hell or a magic entities supposed wrath is needed to learn/understand that. In fact, it only gets in the way.

    Understanding the value of trust also makes it easier to understand why some non-typical/non-standard relationships are successful while many standard religious based relationships fail tragically.

  3. I believe this is an ongoing debate. I’m not sure if it was Ed Young he has debated in the past but it sure isn’ t the first public forum for the Ashley Madison guy. The churches are his free publicity…pretty shrewd.

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