Fort Worth’s skyline at night is hard to beat.

While trolling around YouTube this morning I found this entertaining video of our lovely city:


  1. Yea the FW “skyline” is nothing spectacular, unless you’re from El Paso, Abilene… Dallas is way better, FW can’t live up to Big Brother’s skyline.

  2. A friend from Los Angeles visited and she was blown away by the FW skyline at night. Sure, LA has a lame skyline. But it just goes to show that it isn’t only people in El Paso that dig FW’s skyline.

    Dallas has a great night-time skyline as well. FW and Dallas skylines have been lit up brightly for decades. Nothing like lots of lights to make a skyline stand out. The main complaint against FW’s skyline is it doesn’t have enough towering skyscrapers. However, we’ve got a lot of cool old architecture that gives our skyline a unique look.