Have you heard a college student use the word “unchaste” recently? Me, neither. Apparently you have to go to Texas A&M’s Texas Aggie Conservatives student group to hear such harrumphy Victorian language. The group’s chairman, Justin Pulliam (Class of 2012), worries about the “unchaste” behavior taught by LPC and certified sex therapist Cay Crow, who recently gave her fourth annual campus presentation on ways to make STD prevention enjoyable. (The event was sponsored by the school’s GLBT Resource Center, but it was intended for all students). The Texas Aggie Conservatives’ outraged press release describes it curiously: “Texas A&M Hosts Graphic Fun Sex Seminar.” That sounds more like an endorsement than a criticism. And of course, it’s a ruse for a larger statewide issue.

Conservative sophomore Marc Pitts sounds like he attended the seminar in petticoats and high collar, perpetually in need of smelling salts. Here’s his description: “It was almost too horrifying for me to sit through.” (The key word there is “almost”). Topics allegedly included how to deep-throat without gagging as well as the best methods for G spot stimulation – didn’t the term “G spot” go out with the yellow smiley face poster? – and the so-called “Italian Method” of putting a condom on a guy with your mouth.

I wasn’t at the seminar, so I have no idea what was or wasn’t discussed. But here are my general thoughts – voluntary classes conducted by health professionals that attempt to teach young adults how to avoid STDs and unwanted pregnancies are a good thing. That’s not teaching promiscuity, it’s teaching responsibility. People are free to disapprove on moral grounds – and don’t they always? –but at heart, this is a public health issue. If discussing the “Italian Method” gets young people to pay attention to healthy sexual practices, then so be it. Besides, was there anything better to do that night in College Station, Texas?


  1. Some of my worst memories during undergrad at A&M involved the YCT and their activities/events/crap. It’s amazing how they can still make my blood boil years later and many miles away. Ugh…