Somebody posted a fight video on YouTube yesterday called “Fort Worth Fights,” which shows two young men punching each other for several minutes while people stand around watching, laughing, and commenting.

The fight seems somewhat organized and oddly passionless, although there are some heavy and painful blows landed as the two men obviously try to hurt each other.

Meanwhile, one bystander is heard taunting them for taking time to rest, saying that when he was a gangbanger they didn’t take time for breathers.  “I ain’t never heard of breath-catching in a fight,” the bystander says. “I remember when I got some, them (n-word) didn’t give me time to take my breath. I’m from the hood, Cuz. I grew up banging. I was born in the gang. Ain’t no breath taking in fighting.”


As the fight lumbers on, the bystander becomes more impatient.

“Y’all youngsters got it easy these days,” he said.

About that time, one of the fighters land a vicious blow with a loud pop, sending his opponent reeling backward.

“Chase his ass, chase his ass!” the bystander hollers.

The two men collapse into a wrestling match and the fight is then broken up. The verbose bystander says, “We’ll do it again next week.”