Fort Worth Museum of Science and History has just announced that if you recycle your mobile phone at the museum between now and May 8, you can get a voucher to see the museum for free, to be used at any point during the summer, plus a free ticket to their IMAX film Wild Ocean.

This is an even better deal than it sounds. Not only do you get the free tickets, a $19 value, and get rid of a gadget that you’re probably using as an expensive paperweight. Your phone contains minerals that are mined in African countries controlled by dictators and warlords. Recycling your phone helps avoid contributing to the violence in those nations. It also keeps the toxic metals out of our landfills, keeps toxic waste products from the mining process out of Africa’s environment, and even reduces the stress on the population of Eastern Mountain gorillas. Just the simple act of bringing in your unwanted cell can do good in a lot of places.