Who says the Fort Worth mayoral race is unexciting so far? Candidate Dan Barrett has raised the bar for campaigning by releasing this YouTube ad featuring… wait for it… sock puppets. Hey, it got our attention, so mission accomplished, Mr. Barrett.


  1. Wow. It appears that Human Interface or ” pinging ” , or People Soft.. has gotten so hard and competitive that EVERYONE is way worried about the wrong things. How about focusing on what matter. Healing a broken system. Saving a sincere soul… and choosing the most REAL person for ‘whatever the job is’ should be what matters.

    I don’t think anyone even knows what they are laughing at, trying to PING.. or VOTING for.

    Consider the audience and their objectives or M.O.’S prior to judgement or PUBLIC comment.

    Sadly.. for some… Privacy in personal matters and sincerety in genuine matters is a luxury they couldn’t buy even if they won the GRAND SLAM or the LOTTERY.

    my lord. I need a new town.