Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo to his credit has stepped forward during the National Football League lockout and organized practices for the players this week.

Tight end Martellus Bennett Marty B tweeted about 45 minutes ago, “First day back with the guys should be a fun day.”

Then, 15 minutes later, he tweeted, “Has anyone looked at the bill that was brought to parliament in Uganda. Wtf. Crazzzyyyy.”

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A glance at his recent tweet history showed no previous comments about world politics. A typical Marty B tweet: “Just tied my first tie. Yay buddy. Lol.”

But he was apparently moved by the “Kill The Gays” bill currently under consideration.

Here’s how he describes himself on his Twitter profile: “Patio Junkie, Rooftop Hippie, Professional Brainstormer, Super Ninja, Genius, Engaged to a Gypsy… Creative Director for Rockit Dope Clothing.”


  1. Oh no you didn’t. Please don’t comment about anything even remotely having to do with teh gay, Jeff. Even if it’s just about some jock’s tweet. I don’t know about the jock, but you can’t pull it off. Leave it to Jimmy. Stick to subjects like the Jacksboro Highway, country music, Jim Lane. You know, stuff you understand.