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A decision just released by the Texas Commissioner of Education has the effect of reinstating Joe Palazzolo, whistleblower and former assistant principal at Arlington Heights High School, to his position as an employee of the Fort Worth school district.  Which means it is back to square one for the district in its efforts to get rid of Palazzolo. In a 13 page ruling released today, Commissioner Robert Scott ordered that the “petitioner’s (Palazzolo) appeal be and is hereby granted in that there was a procedural irregularity which was likely to have led to an erroneous decision.”

“This case should be reversed and remanded,” the commissioner ordered.

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More on this later today.


  1. Time for a change in leadership. How much has Melody wasted so far trying to cover-up THIS episode of wrongdoing? There are more suits still pending. Ultimately, this reflects on the Board. Ray, you need to resign as Board President. You are ineffective and unethical. Employees and parents are sick of this. Bring on the Dept. of Education!

  2. I don’t care what the Commissioner decides; Joe Palazzolo should never be allowed to destroy a third school. He’s a serial bully who would never have been hired if he hadn’t lied on his application. If Betty Brink would be a true journalist and check his history of filing lawsuits and threatening city officials, maybe she would find the real story. Apparently, real research and true journalism aren’t as important as defending a sociopath. Sadly, the truth about “P” isn’t as sensational, but it’s much scarier. This is a man who should never be allowed around the children of FWISD.

  3. Obviously “AHHS Teacher” is no teacher at all unless she is Perry. I agree with another comment that this is classis “shoot the messenger”. If any or this stuff is true about Palazzolo, why would ANYONE trying to hide their background by supposedly lying on their application, take the risks he took to by reporting this? FWISD’s claims do not make sense. As far as I know, he was the ONLY one to report this mess to TEA. You’re final comment was taken directly from previous comments directed toward Perry, Alexander, and Boyd. You are not who you claim to be.

  4. Kudos to Commissioner Scott for having the cajones to stand up to the insanity perpetrated by Melody Johnson and her stooges.