A decision just released by the Texas Commissioner of Education on Joe Palazzolo’s appeal of his firing by Superintendent Melody Johnson has the effect of reinstating him to his position as an employee of the Fort Worth school district.  Which means it is back to square one for the district in its efforts to get rid of Palazzolo, whistleblower and former assistant principal at Arlington Heights High School.

 In a 13 page ruling released today, Commissioner Robert Scott ordered that the “petitioner’s appeal be and is hereby granted in that there was a procedural irregularity which was likely to have led to an erroneous decision.”  


“This case should be reversed and remanded,” Commissioner Robert Scott ordered, “with instructions that it be heard by another hearing examiner or an attorney of the parties choosing.”

Basically, that means that Palazzolo is back where he was before he was fired, an employee of the district whose case is under appeal, he said. The district will have to start paying him his salary again until the case is heard by a new examiner unless the board decides the case has become too costly to pursue. “I am going to ask the board to reconsider its action” in approving Palazzolo’s firing, said trustee Ann Sutherland.  

The question now is will the school board continue to spend money fighting this case. To date, according to documents released by the district, the administration has paid out close to $350,000 in legal fees to Houston-based law firm Walsh Anderson. Another $26,693 was paid to a hearings examiner with $18,693 of that amount paid erroneously, leading to the Scott ruling to reverse the decision to fire Palazzolo and send his case back to be heard by another hearing examiner.   

Palazzolo, as all of you know who read this rag, was fired last year by Johnson after reporting illegal conduct by certain high administration staff members at the school and in the Johnson administration. He claimed he was fired in retaliation for exposing wrongdoing at the venerable old school on the city’s West Side and appealed his termination all the way up the administrative chain until it landed on the desk of education commissioner Scott last month.  A whistleblower lawsuit is pending in district court.

The procedural irregularity referred to by Scott is Texas Education Agency hearing examiner Rick Rickman’s successful effort to get the district to pay him $26,693, more than three times the amount allowed by law, for the six day trial early this year in which he heard Palazzolo’s appeal of his firing. Rickman, a Dallas attorney, ruled in the district’s favour.

Under the state education code, the maximum amount that a hearing examiner can be paid is $125 an hour with a cap of $8,000. There is no provision in the law to exceed that amount, Scott wrote. While it is true, as the commissioner pointed out, Rickman did not ask for more money until after the ruling, he “made no secret of the fact that he was considering asking [the district] to pay him in excess of the maximum amount [$8,000]” allowed by the Texas Education Code. Many of those statements were on the record and can be found in the transcripts of the trial.

Both Rickman and the district argued that the law allows a waiver of the cap if extraordinary circumstances occur, in this case a lengthy trial and thousands of pages of documents to read.

Scott said not so. “A school district may not waive the maximum amount of compensation established by the Commissioner for independent hearing examiners who hear cases under the …Education Code,” Scott wrote. 

Scott wrote that the “potential to receive payment could have affected the decision making process of the Independent Hearing Examiner” leading to a temptation to “tip the scales of justice” in favour of the district.

             Sutherland, who consistently opposed the termination and other actions taken against Palazzolo in what she believed were retaliatory acts, said the district’s attorneys should have known that there could be no waiver of the maximum fees paid to the hearing examiner.

            “The worst thing about TEA’s decision is that our attorneys should have known it was illegal to pay over $8000 to the hearing examiner,” Sutherland wrote in an email response. “This is written in plain English in the Education Code, and attorneys worth $300,000 should have known this.  It’s the law. In other words, FWISD paid a pair of attorneys approximately $300,000 for arguing this case, only to have it disappear because we didn’t follow a law which we were paying them to know about.  Are we going to pay them twice because of this?  Not with my vote.”

“A lot of people chastised me for saying ‘Shame on you Dr. Johnson, and shame on this board’ when we fired this man in retribution” for exposing wrongdoing at Arlington Heights, said trustee Carlos Vasquez. “Well, now the commissioner is saying ‘Shame on you’ to Dr. Johnson and the board members who went along with this.”  Vasquez, who said he begged his colleagues not to fire Palazzolo, said that it is time to reinstate him. (Sutherland and Vasquez were the only board members to respond to requests for comment. Johnson is out of town and could not be reached for comment. Sutherland said she was at the district’s administration office today and could find “no one in charge” and no one who had read the commissioner’s ruling.)

 “I’m taken aback” by the ruling, said United Educators Association head Larry Shaw, who has supported Palazzolo throughout his long battle with the district. Keeping this case going would be a financial disaster, he said. “It is time for the board to ‘know when to fold ‘em’ and seek a settlement with Palazzolo,” he said “It can’t keep pouring money down this hole.”

Rickman did not respond to a question asking him if he was going to pay back the excess fee.

 “Amazing turn of events,” said the Rev. Kyev Tatum, head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. “We at the SCLC recommend the district drop this foolishness and give Joe P. back his job and give him an apology for spending over $500,000 to drag him and his family through the mud.”

Palazzolo’s attorney Jason Smith said only that “We are very grateful for the ruling of the commissioner of education and we look forward to showing what a great assistant principal Joe was at Arlington Heights” in any future hearings. 





  1. Time for a change in leadership. How much has Melody wasted so far trying to cover-up THIS episode of wrongdoing? There are more suits still pending. Ultimately, this reflects on the Board. Ray, you need to resign as Board President. You are ineffective and unethical. Employees and parents are sick of this. Bring on the Dept. of Education!

  2. I don’t care what the Commissioner decides; Joe Palazzolo should never be allowed to destroy a third school. He’s a serial bully who would never have been hired if he hadn’t lied on his application. If Betty Brink would be a true journalist and check his history of filing lawsuits and threatening city officials, maybe she would find the real story. Apparently, real research and true journalism aren’t as important as defending a sociopath. Sadly, the truth about “P” isn’t as sensational, but it’s much scarier. This is a man who should never be allowed around the children of FWISD.

  3. AHHS teacher- Where was your “eye on the ball” while all of this was going on at your school? The District’s own investigation confirmed the allegations. Blind faculty like you have allowed these and other abuses to go on while you put yourself in favor with Melody and her crowd. You’re the teacher that doesn’t need to be around the children of FWISD. Thank God for Betty Brink who has brought corruption and discrimination to light. Maybe some day, if you were honest, you might tell her “I was once blind, but now I see”.

  4. Do you ever wonder why melody has irrational support from the downtown folk? After Tocco fiasco they are holding on to “to the FW way.” Melody has been an embarrassment to the establishment as the district throws
    Away our taxpayer monies on lawsuits that she created! True conservatives and everyone else who is tired of her spin machine, should demand new leadership! Wake up people attorneys are making a killing while we are in a fiscal crisis! The truth will set you free!

  5. Stars and Stripes, you are finally getting it! Correct, the district investigation did confirm P’s destructive behavior. And, staff members reported him on numerous occassions. Additionally, it was Arlington Heights TEACHERS – not Joe Palazzolo – who reported the other problems at Heights. FWISD under the leadership of Melody Johnson is tragically flawed, that is clear. But, that is a completely separate issue from the fact that Joe Palazzolo should never be allowed to return to an educational setting – anywhere.

  6. It should be perfectly obvious from this second posting that “AHHS Teacher” is no teacher at all, but rather part of the Melody disinformation department. Nuff said. SHE needs to go.

  7. Clarity – I certainly hope the SHE you are referring to is Melody Johnson. Apparently, you don’t read carefully; I believe I said, “FWISD under the leadership of Melody Johnson is tragically flawed.” I can’t imagine why you would think that all teachers at AHHS are female supporters of Joe Palazzolo. Many of us are males who hope Palazzolo is forced out of education.

  8. AHHS teacher- Thank you for acknowleging that Melody’s reign is a failure; but I have studied the Palazzolo hearing testimony and the director of Professional Standards testified that after his investigation confirmed the allegations of wrongdoing by District officials, reported by both Palazzolo and AHHS teachers, he turned the report over to Dr. Sylvia Reyna who- only then- began her own investigation of Palazzolo. AHHS teacher, that is the very definition of whistleblower retaliation.

  9. It should be perfectly obvious from their third posting that “AHHS Teacher” is no teacher at all, but rather part of the Melody disinformation department – male or female. Your posts too closely mimic the B.S. put out by MJ to be real.

  10. Stars and Stripes – again, you need to read more carefully. Reports concerning unprofessional behavior on the part of Palazzolo and others were made by many of us here at AHHS long before Dr. Reyna’s investigation. Joe was not the whistle blower; AHHS teachers were. Concerned teachers reported procedural problems and inappropriate actions on the part of employees at AHHS. Mr. Menchaca’s investigation was underway before P insinuated himself into the process. He’s not a whistle blower; he’s a serial suer looking for another lawsuit. AHHS has wonderful, dedicated educators who are committed to the students, parents and community. Maybe Betty Brink and the Fort Worth Weekly could celebrate that instead of supporting Joe Palazzolo.

  11. AHHS teacher- I guess that this has become a discussion between us, but I must now agree with the other posts that you are a Melody Johnson plant- or maybe you’re Melody, herself. Again, I turn to the sworn testimony on the record. Neta Alexander supposedly said that she had complaints about Palazzolo but never acted on them. District officials must have had so much on Palazzolo that, you, Melody, then recommended him to be promoted to become principal of Metro Opportunity School! Doesn’t that contradictory behavior mean anything to you, Melody? Only after he whistleblew did his favorable standing change. Again, the very definition of whistleblower retaliation. Betty’s stories of the price for standing up against corruption is the real, ugly story of AHHS and FWISD.

  12. How sad that so many people see conspiracies everywhere. Not Melody. Wouldn’t want to be. Just hoped to clear up some of the Fort Worth Weekly misinformation. Should have known better. Off to a real life.

  13. Gee Stars and Stripes, you really hit a home run with AHHS teacher. My conspiracy theory is that she/he might be a woman/man scorned since it sounds like her attack on the whistleblower is of a personal nature. The only merit to AHHS posts are that she finds flaws with Melody. Let us not forget that the facade of Vision 2010 has faded. It is but an unrealized dream loaded with poo poo that stinks of burnt taxpayer monies to lawyers and special interests. There is no misinformation in this whistle blower story. It’s unraveling before our eyes, even if the startlegram fails to report the truth, we always have Betty Brink! Stay tuned.

  14. (Part 1)
    Palazzolo could be a monster, a bully, and an opportunist, whatever you want to think about him or portrait him. At this point, IT DOES NOT MATTER, this administration has turned him into SUPERMAN. Thanks to the incompetent administrators who call themselves leaders and chiefs, this case turned to be an insult to taxpayers and robbery to the children funds. If the teachers of Arlington Heights thought that they would find somebody to listen and investigate the wrongdoing, they wasted their time and energy. Why there is not a complaint filed by any of the teachers of AHHS? Why do you think that this administration created the illusion of having a committee to hear employee’s complaints, which Palazzolo was the liaison of teachers and central administration? Do you still believe Dr. Melody Johnson sincerity when she invites employees to voice their concerns? What do you think have happened to many employees who bring issues or simply speak their minds for what is right?

  15. (Part 2)
    Hard to admit it, no matter what Melody, her chiefs and the “Yes” board members want to say now, they have created this embarrassment to the school district and the city of Forth Worth. I had said many times, they believe that the school district has to be managed like a doughnut shop; you change the flavor but the ingredients are the same. That is what exactly Melody has done in her tenure as the superintendent of the district. Just look at the titles each high level administrator had in the year 2005, and now look how she has changed the cabinet. Guess what, she has most people that Tocco had in key positions and she brought with her more of the same from her previous district.

    The problem for the district is Melody and her team is trying to make believe to the taxpayers that the Fort Worth ISD is the best urban district by hiding under the carpet all the mess. They created the Palazzolo mess. If they accused him of bullying, guess what they found one like themselves probably with more experience. Honest and smart administrators would handle the AHHS appropriately if they would follow at least board policy and the local procedures. Unfortunately, the so-called leaders are blinded by “POWER.” They think they can break the rules and procedures to get things their way, but wrong way. Thanks to their blindness, Palazzolo became SUPERMAN, employees are following this process very closely and most see this case as a great opportunity to be liberated from the imaginary oppression that this administration have created in the system.

  16. (Part 3)
    How much this embarrassment will cost to us? Half million, one million, two millions, three millions…Lawyer expenses in whistleblower cases are really expensive. You can bet that Palazzolo would have to his disposal many lawyers who would take the punches to win the case. How much is enough for the district? Well, the district has lawyers in their staff who did not stop for a minute to think that they are not working for a corporation or a federal institution. What were they doing? Where was the negotiation capacity to prevent cases like this one? Are they hired to defend personalities or are they hired to defend the taxpayers and children funds? How many millions in compensation the district has loss in settlements? Who pay that? THE TAXPAYERS are the ones who pay from their children education funds. This is a crime against the future of our children and the stability of our community. There are more legal challenges coming out of the pipe due to excess of use of power by the pseudo leaders. This administration is well known for not following due process, this is why so many issues and grievances.

  17. (Part 4 and Final)
    Which of the board members will call for a “vote of not confidence” on Melody Johnson? One of you has to make this call at least have it on record for the history of Fort Worth ISD, even though it would not go anywhere because of the degree of corruption. At least, allow the employees to vote electronically for a vote of “Confidence or No Confidence.” From here to the next board members election, the district could loose millions of dollars if this nonsense is not stopped.

    We believe that the following evidences merit a vote of no confidence on the Superintendent:
    • Vision 2010 goals not met
    • Achievement gap is widening
    • Connects
    • Loss of resources due to many settlements, legal issues and overpayments
    • Lack of public and employees trust
    • Minimum academic improvement based on State accountability during the last five years
    • Deceiving board members in different issues or withholding valuable information to for them to make judgment (Lying)
    • Creating an unsustainable elite of bureaucrats in the central administration that takes away resources from campuses
    • Unreliable and expensive “instructional initiatives” that have not proven success yet

  18. Maria, let’s continue the list of “No Confidence.”

    1. M.J. is notorious at creating a hostile environment for anyone who is not willing to adhere to unethical practices.
    2. M.J. has been known to use her cabinet to create out-right lies about individuals who refuse to participate in unethical practices.
    3. M.J. will use her cabinet to bully and threaten people to wear them down.
    4. M.J. will plant a spy near someone who has a different belief system than she does. This spy will report back to her cabinet and create fabricated scenarios to make life difficult.
    5. Regardless of how well a school is being run and regardless of how well the students are performing and regardless of how happy teachers might be with their principal, if M.J. does not care for that principal, she will make their life miserable.
    6. Bullying is at the forefront right now with students, taxpayers need to take a close look at M.J.; she is the biggest adult bully in the history of FWISD. Taxpayers thought Tocco was a bully. The difference is Tocco would tell you in your face, but, M.J. bullys and retaliates behind one’s back. Shame on you Melody.

  19. So now does FWISD get to recover the $18,693.00 overpaid to this guy? Isn’t that some sort of mis-management or malfeasance?

  20. One more thing: if any or this stuff is true about Palazzolo, why would ANYONE trying to hide their background by supposedly lying on their application, take the risks he took to by reporting this? FWISD’s claims do not make sense. As far as I know, he was the ONLY one to report this mess to TEA.

  21. Maybe if he has lied about a degree from A&M, he would now be a District Director making a six figure income. Dansby and Kaufman were involved in this:
    “Fort Worth Star-Telegram (TX)
    June 29, 2002
    School executive under investigation over his resume
    Author: JENNIFER AUTREY; Star-Telegram Staff Writer
    Edition: FINAL
    Section: Metro;Fort Worth & Region
    Page: 8
    Article Text:
    A supervisor promoted to help overhaul the Fort Worth school district’s troubled maintenance department is himself under an internal investigation amid questions about his resume.
    Gene Oehl, who was named the new executive director of custodial services Tuesday, listed a bachelor of science degree from Texas A&M University among his qualifications. The resume was given to trustees before they unanimously approved his hiring.
    But Registrar Donald Carter told the Star-Telegram that, according to the university’s records, Oehl did not complete requirements for a degree. He attended classes from 1966 to 1970, Carter said.
    Oehl, 56, who has worked for the district for more than two decades, did not return repeated phone calls.
    He is one of two men promoted as part of a reorganization of the department that oversees custodial, maintenance and construction projects. Deputy Superintendent Walter Dansby revamped the department in response to frequent complaints about performance, including criticism from state Comptroller Carole Keeton Rylander. The FBI is also investigating the district’s construction spending.
    “In my estimation, he was the best person for the job,” said Dansby, who declined to comment on the investigation.
    The district began the investigation after the newspaper asked about the resume discrepancy Friday. Dansby said he hopes that it will be finished by next week.
    Superintendent Thomas Tocco also declined to comment on the investigation, saying it is a personnel matter. He said that “misrepresentation of a college degree on an application to get a job or to be considered for a promotion is an exceedingly serious matter.”
    District employees can be fired for misrepresenting facts to a supervisor or district official or for falsifying documents related to district activities, according to board policy.
    Trustee Juan Rangel questioned whether Oehl could be an effective supervisor if he is found to have lied about his credentials.
    “I think the work environment would not be healthy,” Rangel said.
    But Trustee Elaine Klos said she believes that Oehl’s experience with the district is more relevant than whether his resume was misleading. She said that someone else might have typed his resume and that he might not have read it.
    “People exaggerate their resumes all the time,” Klos said.
    Oehl’s new position does not require a college degree. Only a high school diploma is mandatory, although a college degree is preferred. The position pays $84,031.
    Carla Kaufman, Fort Worth’s assistant superintendent of human resources, said her department is required to check the transcripts of new hires who claim to have degrees. But she declined to discuss the policy for internal candidates.
    Jennifer Autrey, (817) 390-7126
    Copyright 2002 Star-Telegram, Inc.
    Record Number: 11101748″

  22. Just Wondering,
    The 18,693.00 should not be returned because the FWISD administration agreed or were very generous with the outcome of the judgment. If you agree to tip somebody for washing your car and you are very generous because you are so happy with the sparkling appearance, what is wrong with your generosity? I wonder if the judgment would favor the plaintiff, would the central administrators show the same level of generosity? The Hearing Examiner did his job and his judgment pleased the administration and some of the board members who wanted to proof that they made the right decision of firing the plaintiff. The ones who decided to pay that extra amount of time should pass a hat and collect that amount of money to put it back in the district reserve funds. This would be the best way to show that they care about the children.

    On your second comment about lying on his application, you will be amazed when this whistleblower case is argued in a civil court this would be part of the retaliation in favor of the plaintiff. In whistleblower cases, the defendant lawyers will target plaintiff character to proof wrongdoing and invalidate the case. Palazzolo argument of lying is not a very strong argument in a civil court. He was in his job for a long period of time, passed many background checks and those checks did not reflect that he had to report what the district argue of lying in his employment application. Unfortunately, there are several employees still holding their positions who have done things and did not reported, but as far we know they are still employed.

    If you check how the school district resolve the internal cases of employees who break ethical rules and board policies, and nothing happen to them. If the board would have access to the Office of Professional Standard investigations and judgments, they would be astonished with employees who are investigated for wrong doing, found guilty of and them pardoned by a committee. This is where employee associations play a big roll in keeping the status quo of corruption. That is another corner of the carpet that should not be lifted because you will find where the district misery is.

  23. Unbelievable! Instead of the “putting our children first civility campaign”, citizens need to demand transparency in all business operations! Loud board members that squeal should get a handle on this mess! MJ should have been history! What a waste and still Johnny can’t learn. Joe and others will win at our expense because of an incompetent superintendent and board!

  24. where can we find a copy of the commissioner’s finding?
    the telegram says one thing, the district another and so we need to get it from the source.

  25. I’d say “Frustrated” has said it all. I give “Frustrated” two snaps UP.

    I hope everyone will keep their eyes focused on getting a few new board members and giving MJ her walking papers. Also our new Mayor needs to step in to become more involved in the workings of FWISD. When you think about it other than TEA in Austin no one with authority locally is watching this administration manical habits of inbreeding. The Superintendent’s habit of keeping our School Board in the dark is why we experience these public embarrassments. It is the Superintendent;s decisions, which influences the board. When she keeps the truth within a few selected board members while hiding information from the remaining members with integrity, the system breaks down. How else can you explain their behavior? If the Mayor was watching the Superintendent insuring children of Fort Worth actually do get a fair appropriate public education, we could see some change.

  26. Fwisd is nothing but talk, talk, talk. When MJ came on the scene I said, wow she sounds like Hitler. She says what the people want to hear but that’s all. She’s a great speaker, I’ll give her that, but who could believe so much bull.
    Moving Sharon H. was their way of shutting her and us up but it’s not going to work. Too many have had enough of the 4 major bullying principals who continue to bully and abuse. The district sends someone to say things like collaborate, rebuild trust, move forward, forgive, change will happen etc etc. in the name of “for the students” but they mean sweep it under the rug, tell you want you want to hear so you’ll quit causing so much trouble. Well, don’t believe it. They aren’t going to do anything unless we take it further and outside the district. It’s a good ole boy regime and they aren’t scratching our back, they are stabbing it. We need to unite and let the trusted board members know what’s going on and how bad it is for the teachers and the students. They invite, condone and allow bullying by not putting a stop to it. The message to the bullies is, don’t worry we’ll cover for you. I still have hope that there will be change but we need a new leader/leaders that is not a bully and will not allow a bullies to be leaders. Getting rid of Sharon is the first BIG RED FLAG. She was doing her job and doing it well so they move her. What does that tell you, read between the line, it’s very clear. We just want it to look like we’re doing something, we don’t really want someone to do something.

  27. Wow, wow…wow!!! For a minute there, I thought I was living in the olden days of Chicago and Elliot Ness was closing in! I went to bed feeling like an American with the right to freedom of speech…living in Fort Worth, Texas, 2011; I later find out that my posts caused a stir, enough for them to be removed!? Dare I say censorship is alive and well! If my comments offended anyone in particular, I say…major raspberries to you! “Me thinks thou protests too much…”

    I doubt MJ had my comments removed, considering the plethora of articles/comments written thus far, have been about her and her cabinet. As far as I know, those comments are still posted from articles written back from August 2010 to date, when the whistleblower articles hit FTW Weekly! Why, and I ask this question with the utmost respect for the Weekly, did my comments get removed above all others??? Unless of course, these particular “too close for comfort comments” about MJ and her posse upset her greatly! Did someone think the posts were ALL ABOUT THEM???

    Come on Weekly! People have been dragging FWISD and its failed administration through the mud for months now. And suddenly, two comments are posted that strike a familiar nerve and bam, they are history??? Readers…take note of this…the truth has been spoken and CERTAIN people think they are above all others! CERTAIN people believe it’s their right to silence a person’s right to speak. I say the worst thing that has happened here are not my comments being obliterated by the strike of a computer key, but that CERTAIN people feel threatened by words that appear to be truthful! CERTAIN people obviously didn’t read ALL of the comments, especially the one that “Insider” wrote, to which I addressed in my second post. It clearly inferred CERTAIN people’s guilt! To me, that is more concrete, in terms of being accusatory or offensive! And yet, this post wasn’t removed!

    Well, that’s okay…I will not belabor the point anymore, because to do so, might land THIS post in cyber-cemetery, like the previous ones! P.S. Just for the record; I will still hit the delete key, when ANYONE from the district sends their futile emails…so, put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  28. I have mixed feelings about censoring the post of “Frustrated”. I would ask that person to edit the more offensive (though true) references to Melody and her life in the closet and then re-post. Much of what you had to say was important inside info for readers. The Weekly is our ONLY source of information on FWISD. The Startlegram STILL has not even posted a story on the monumental event of the Dept. of Education being here, on campus, in Fort Worth, at AHHS, auditing and interviewing. This is HUGE!!! Again, try a little subtlety but get those crucial facts back up!

  29. I have mixed feelings about censoring the post of “Frustrated”. I would ask that person to edit the more offensive (though true) references to Melody and her life in the closet and then re-post. Ditto for Judy Needham who frankly, should have been indicted with Ingram years ago. After all, the BIG PICTURE for the future is re-districting. it is NEEDHAM driving the changes which are preserving her and Dickerson (who live in the same area), at the expense of Ann Sutherland, T.A. Sims, and Christene Moss. Much of what you had to say was important inside info for readers. The Weekly is our ONLY source of information on FWISD. The Startlegram STILL has not even posted a story on the monumental event of the Dept. of Education being here, on campus, in Fort Worth, at AHHS, auditing and interviewing. This is HUGE!!! Again, try a little subtlety but get those crucial facts back up!

  30. First let me say, we at the Weekly are vigourously opposed to censorship and would lay down our lives to protect the First Amendment right to freedom of speech. Therefore, as the writer of the blotch that drew comments from “frustrated” I have been trying to find out what happend to her posts. My publisher, Lee Newquist just wrote to tell me that no one at the Weekly deleted “frustrated’s” comments. Only he and one other person have permission to do so and only if the comments are “overly offensive” — and you readers can tell from the comments that the bar is set very low for that criteria. We simply do not mess with folks right to free speech. Lee asks that “frustrated” repost the comments she made and so do I. What happened then? We do not know. It has not happened before. But you can rest assured that I am still digging to find out. If and when I do, I will report to you. My deepest aplogies to frustrated and to all of you out there who value the First Amendment.

  31. First let me address Ms. Brink; I don’t know you personally, but I LOVE YOU!!! You have shown how strong your beliefs are for the first amendment, as I, and for that, I tip my big ole Texas hat to you! I started replying to “Clarity” and “Loyal Fan” last night, but accidently deleted the post. It was really late, so I decided to try again tonight. I suppose it was a good thing, because now I get to share some even better news (as if you all don’t already know), in addition to the “censorship” debacle! First, thank you Clarity for bringing my insolent behavior to my attention! I truly don’t have a mean bone in my body…well, maybe a little one, since I threw a right hook at MJ and Needham. I have many closeted friends and that’s okay with me! ! I I apologize for airing FWISD “dirty laundry” like that! Oh…who am I kidding! I loved every minute of it and it made me chuckle! Readers, the reason my posts were removed, was not because of what I wrote about MJ, but more about a CERTAIN person, who I dare not mention by name (like bloody Mary), or SHE will rear her ugly censorship head again! I am disheartened, yet pleased this was done at the time it was, b/c my comments obviously struck a painful chord on her harp of corruption! What did you think; I wasn’t going to notice the posts missing??? Puleeeze CERTAIN person…you can’t make ALL of my comments disappear, just b/c you feel compelled to take it so personal! Dare I say (and I did), that you protested too much, by ordering my comments removed. What are so you scared of? Exactly what part (s) of my posts made you feel so righteous to sit in your chair and place the call you made to axe my right to freedom of speech? And according to Ms. Brink’s article (and her personal emails to me), “there is a rat in the pantry”! You wouldn’t happen to like cheese would you? If you would’ve just taken the proverbial lumps like MJ and her administrators have been taking in the hundreds of previous blotches…now someone will be discovered at the Weekly or at FWISD, and it will make a bigger stink! And dare I say again (and thank you, I will); this type of mysterious underhanded behavior is what FWISD has been accused of for many years! Btw, just for the record, IT WASN’T ALL ABOUT YOU!!! I always read and re-read my comments before posting, to ensure I adhered to FWW policy. And nowhere, did I find anything offensive or abusive! You took parts of it and twisted them around to make it appear the comments were threatening and too personal. Shame on you CERTAIN person! Someone did mention you probably freaked out about the “hunt you down” part…seriously??? It was colloquialism…perhaps you’ve heard of it? I’m sorry, you just took it TOO personal; however, your actions now make you look guiltier than before, in terms of being part of a failed administration. You are part of that system…part of the ole regime…and I STILL feel you must go! And before you take that literally; what I mean by “go”, is you must leave FWISD! Geez, I never thought I had to watch what I said before…you’ve taken all the fun out of “poking” you! And what I mean by “poking” is like on Facebook, not jabbing you in the literal sense or anything! Enough said, because truth be known, your childish behavior has definitely bored me! I need to spend my valuable time commenting on other blotches, like the articles that have put you back in the shadows…MJ’s resignation!!! You are not as important as you think CERTAIN person, unless the little voices in your head have convinced you otherwise! Although now that the BIG news is official…I reiterate what I said in my deleted post below: The conductor is fueling the fire and revving the northbound train as we speak…ALL ABOARD!!!
    Now, for the sake of just being “me”; I am reposting those deleted comments (with FWW and Ms. Brinks’) blessing, not because I am so full of myself to think they were great, but because it is a matter of principal and being an American with freedom of speech! Perhaps you’ve also heard about that maybe…? Below are my original comments uncensored as I wrote them (sorry Clarity…have to do it, but trust me, those comments were not the reason for censorship or MJ resigning)! However, maybe they will be for Needham! Choo-choo-ca-choo! Maybe if you (the reader) want to copy and paste this long a*s blotch to a word doc, it shouldn’t be such a beating to read!


    I want to address AHHS teacher first. Dear he/she, you’re a sly one…and you talk about P being a bully and accuse Betty Brink of poor journalism??? I am surprised you haven’t been discovered yet through your posts. You are neither MJ, nor Perry…you are Needham disguising yourself as a teacher. Or better yet, you are probably Neta Alexander, disguising yourself as Needham, who is disguising as AHHS teacher?! I know, it sounds convoluted, but that is what you are used to, when you are an MJ minion! You might’ve inferred to yourself as “he”, well, because let’s face it…you probably have a good pair of cajones to post the crap you do! Either way, please don’t waste good comment space on your BS, b/c no one is buying it! And furthermore, stop calling the “kettle black”, b/c you are the bully here…by picking on Betty Brink and Mr. P. I don’t know either of them personally, but I can say; I would vote for either one of them if THEY were running for mayor of our city! Let it go AHHS, or Needham-Alexander; the truth was bound to come out sometime! Unfortunately, as most of the comments have stated; it was at the expense of taxpayer’s mula, my dinero and yours too! Unless of course, MJ’s six figure salary is paying you! Finally AHHS, as far as “getting a life”, you would need to have one, in order to get one! Enough said; otherwise, I will be calling myself a bully!
    Here’s the deal to anyone who cares. I have been reading ALL of Ms. Brinks (AHHS, I called her “Ms. Brinks”, because she deserves respect!) exemplary articles on the Palazzolo debacle…every one of them, including all the responses! I have painstakingly read hours upon hours of comments and back and forth verbiage, only to come up with one huge question! If a train travelling north is going 100 miles an hour carrying MJ, Needham, Alexander, Perry, Kaufman, ¾ of the trustees (including the bogus president), Chuck Boyd and Rickman, and another train is travelling south at 100 miles an hour carrying the fed-up parents, students and employees of FWISD…how long will it take for TEA to take control of this district??? How many more dollars is it going to take to cover up this administration’s crime? One lie after another…begets more lying…begets more money down the drain! More money down the drain means fewer opportunities for teachers to get professional training during the year, lay-offs of school monitors, travel monies to go to trainings, so forth and so on! You know what? I don’t care what Pink Floyd said, I am not another brick in the wall!!! I have a voice and this voice is tired of saying speaking about the nonsensical actions of this failed administration! FWISD administrators…you must concede now and go lick your wounds on some deserted island far-far-away! You will fall, you will be discovered for the fools that you are. And I for one will be cheering on the next FWISD superintendent, even if it turns out to be Donald Trump! At least Mr. Trump will ensure that everyone produces their birth certificates, resume’s, college transcripts and 20 year old misdemeanors (since they apparently mean so much to idiots)!!! We would just have to look past his ego and that horrible coiffure from Hair Club for Men! Otherwise, I think Trump would make an excellent candidate for superintendent of FWISD! What could be worst? We already have a bunch of Looney Toons as it is! There’s Snow White, aka MJ…hmmm, white as the “driven-on” snow; Ray, aka “Grumpy”; Needham, aka Dopey (should be called Dumpy, b/c of how she dresses); I digress!
    So now what Fort Worth? What do we need to do? How about we stop complaining and start a petition or something of like and get MJ and her dwarfs out of Dodge? This may not be the Fort Worth way, but it’s damn near close! Petitions get people’s attention…rallies…online voting, etc. Why can’t we (John and Jane Q Public), request a vote of no confidence and be done with this? Why isn’t the Startlegram writing about these woes? And here’s a real eye-opener to all who have dared to question Ms. Brink’s journalism standards. At least she is being paid the normal way you and I are paid…by working her buns off! The startlegram doesn’t report on the Palazzolo debacle, b/c they don’t poop where they sleep! Yeah, that’s right! Somebody at the district is doing some pillow talking with some Telegram peeps for sure! For the record, I have boycotted the Telegram since the Palazzolo reporting began! The only article they wrote was cheesy and filled with “See, we’re playing nice and pretending we are reporting the news to the people who pay to read our over-priced piece of caca!” garb. Does anyone know if Mr. MJ knows people at the Telegram? Does anyone even know if there is a “Mr. MJ”? Oh yeah, he’s called Mr. Needham! Oops, there I go again, bullying Needham…my bad!
    In closing, I hope we have all learned something from the Palazzolo case; I know I certainly have! The top ten things I have learned:
    1. If you are a tough administrator who believes in your faculty and want to make a difference, don’t blow a whistle, a gasket, a Kleenex, or anything that resembles “blowing” in nature.
    2. I should stay away from Oklahoma!
    3. I can make 255 student files disappear faster than the shredder used in Watergate.
    4. I can lend a top ISD administrator a lot of money to play the ponies and in turn I get to cuss my butt off at anyone I want!
    5. I can hire a jaded lawyer and pay him 3x’s the $ allowed by law, so he can probably join the top administrator to play the ponies.
    6. I can misuse my power at the expense of taxpayer money and still dress like crap!
    7. I can gather with my minion friends at a bar and plot the demise of an entire district, while taking shots of Jose Cuervo!
    8. I can ride into town looking like a haggard ole lesbian accompanied by my equally haggard lesbian counterpart with thick ankles, and get the makeover of my life and become superintendent, and milk a district for everything its worth!
    9. I can take candy from a baby, the school the baby attends, the mother, and anything else that isn’t tied down!
    10. And finally…I have learned that “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings…”! And let’s hope she is singing like Pavarotti!

    Part 2 of my “Frustrated” rant:
    I meant to address “Insiders” post about Carla Kaufman. No one has mentioned Kaufman, because she has been flying in stealth mode…until now! Okay, so here’s the skinny on Kaufman, aka, one of MJ’s minion’s. And here’s a shocker; I am a FWISD employee who can back up what I say here, as well as in my previous post. I was recently angered at the coward’s move by this ghastly administration, to do away with the only administrative level position that meant a damn thing…Coordinator for Employee Health and Wellness. This position was under Kaufman and held by Sharon Herrera; she was probably the only decent human being who testified on behalf of Palazzolo! And before anyone wonders…NO, I am not Sharon Herrera, although I wouldn’t mind being her, because she is truly heaven sent to our district! Ms. Herrera helped me on numerous occasions, when I was at the end of my rope with my administrator’s bullying me, as well as other staff! I know for a fact she has helped countless others within our district, with the arduous task of mediation and sound advice. Had it not been for Ms. Herrera, I would still be trying to fight the system, by going through the broken process of filing a grievance! Her position made sense to me, as well as to others; however, I wondered how long it was going to take MJ to see her plan was backfiring. What I mean by this is, Ms. Herrera was being a warrior, not for herself, but for the very district she is employed by. Administration has been so enthralled with supposedly “doing the right thing”, so they initiated an anti-bullying policy covering district employees and rewording the existing coverage to include gender identity (not just to read a blanket word like sexual orientation). They passed this policy in the speed of light, only to divert our attention away from Palazzolo’s impending lawsuit and budget cuts. They (the district) foiled us, by pretending they cared one ounce about employee’s health and welfare, and then, BAM…reorganization due to budget cuts; they cut the only position (Ms. Herrera’s) that was truly making a difference!? This is a travesty indeed, but so typical of this district. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you. Fool me a third time…I’m gonna hunt you down!!!

    Here’s what they did my friends. They reassigned Ms. Herrera to another department and threw her old position out with the bath water! Instead of digging dirt on her and firing her unjustly like they did Palazzolo, face another bogus lawsuit, and add more damage to the district’s reputation; they now decide to retaliate in a nice manner, by reassigning her to a position where she will be silenced from addressing employee disharmony within the district!!! They freakin’ created the curriculum, so to speak, and then the outcome (AHHS debacle) was too much for them to handle!? I dare to quote Jack Nicholson, “They can’t handle the truth”!!! Wow FWISD…this was a low blow, not only to Ms. Herrera, but to all the thousands of employees you deemed to care so much about!? It plays out like this: Hey stupid employees, here is a lovely employee anti-bullying policy to keep your mouths shut. Also, here’s a person who will go to your campus, train all employees on diversity and workplace conflict, only to encourage them (as district procedures go) to elect a Diversity Rep (like Palazzolo was), bring the concerns to the forefront, with the promise retaliation will not be tolerated for speaking up! But wait, there’s more! And after you bring the scary complaints forward, then we’ll (the district) save face by firing a couple of scapegoat minions, only because a big contract (superintendent) is up for renewal! Oh, and stupid employees, we will screw you in the end, because “we were just kidding about giving you the opportunity to tell us how nasty we really are.” Dang FWISD…you had me going there for minute! However, I knew something was up…kinda like you feel the little hairs on the back of your neck, when you are about to get struck by lightning!!! So where does Kaufman fit in all of this? Well, let’s just say she is getting paid a nice six figured salary to send out idiotic emails about “Health and Wellness”! Know what Kaufman? On a clear day, you can hear all the district employees hit their delete buttons, when they receive your stupid emails!!! You are from the old Tocco regime and you too must go! I get it; you want to save your salary at the expense of employee “health and wellness”. What happened here Kaufman? Did they tie you up and place you in a dark room with a heated lamp on you and force you to turn the other way? I hope when this district gets a new Superintendent (and we will), they do away with YOUR position and bring back Ms. Herrera…at least she helped employees and genuinely cared about them. What do you do Kaufman? Exactly what are the taxpayers’s paying you for? Obviously, we are overpaying you, as well as the majority of MJ’s cabinet of buffoons!

    Time to clean house Fort Worth! Let’s get our district back from the hands of malevolence and restructure it with kinder, gentler people! People (and I would be happy with any color, as long as they are honest) who genuinely care about our students and employees who serve them. People who will refuse to pass the buck or spend hundreds of thousands defending their illegal actions! Time for a serious wake-up call here! I am beyond sickened by this administration’s censures and less than stellar reputation. I remain a district employee, because I believe there are many of us out here who do give a damn about students and employee health and wellness!!! We will prevail, b/c the “Pen is mightier than the sword!” And speaking of…Ms. Brink, keep digging my friend…you will soon strike gold! And when you do, I am naming my first grandchild after you!!!

  32. With Johnson gone – it’s time to focus on her loyal fans aka: the Three unethical Stooges: Dickerson, Needham and Jackson. Its time for them to resign from the Board as well.