Anyone preparing for college or even weighing the merits of college versus work might want to check out GenTX Day this Friday. GenTX events are being held across the state, and in Fort Worth it’ll be from noon to 6 pm at the new WOW College GO Center at the Villas of Eastwood Terrace, 4700 E. Berry St.

The event is to encourage youngsters, particularly the graduating class of 2011, to think about attending college.


Carmelita Freeman, regional director at the US Department of Justice community relations services, will speak at the event and discuss ways to seek financial help. There will be food, beverages, educational videos, and GenTX giveaways to help encourage students to move toward college.


Want to help out in a small way? It’s easy.

GenTX is encouraging all Texans to wear a t-shirt of their favorite college on Friday, just to let the new generation know they are supported as they go to college and become career ready.

This t-shirt thing could be scary. Most people’s alma mater shirts from way back when won’t fit over their beer bellies. The scary part is they’ll wear them anyway.