A group of 20 faith-based, civil rights and grassroots leaders within the black and brown community have called a 5:00 p.m. press conference at the Fort Worth ISD Board Room to endorse longtime Fort Worth schools administrator Walter Dansby to serve as superintendent of the district, following the recent resignation of Superintendent Melody Johnson, according to organizers Lee Saldivar and Kyev Tatum.  The board meets at 5:30 and it is expected to vote on an interim superintendent as well as to determine whether or not to conduct a national search for a permanent replacement for Johnson. 
“Mr. Dansby has a track record of turning things around in this district and we need someone in the top position that knows and loves Fort Worth as much as we do,” said Saldivar, president of a local unit of LULAC. 
  According to a news release today, the group came together after five board members boycotted a special called meeting to consider appointing Dansby interim superintendent last Friday night. 
  “It became crystal clear to us that we could get more accomplished by working together rather than working alone,” saud Tatum, president of the local chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.  
Citing the recent report that 22 Fort Worth schools failed to meet the minimum standards on the state’s TAKS test for 2011, Tatum said, “Our black and brown children in Fort Worth are failing to achieve in record numbers. It is a travesty on our watch.”  The press release stated that the new group will work on immigration and on establishing new districts for greater representation at every level of government. 
  “Together we are the majority population within the City of Fort Worth and our elected representation should reflect this fact. It is our moment to lead,” said Saldivar.  
  If appointed, Walter Dansbby will become the first African-American man to lead the Fort Worth district.


  1. Simple questions:
    Do you think Mr. Dansby would be able to clean the house? Would Mr. Dansby restore the power to schools? Would he have the courage of sending the 160 coaches back to the schools to teach the children and reduce the expected overcrowded classrooms? Would he follow Melody’s dreams of improving campuses? Would he be able to create a climate of trust and professionalism in FWISD?

    We hope this transition does not turn into a color issues and ethnic power? Do we have a Latino candidate that could lead the transition?

    With our respect to Mr. Dansby, he could be the leader but he needs to put his gears to bring peace and build trust. We are afraid that he would play the power and create another huge problem.

  2. Hot off the press! Mr. Walter Dansby was voted in at tonight’s board meeting to become FWISD’s interim Superintendent! I question now how long it will take MJ to pack? Oh MJ, you played your cards right didn’t you? You knew the non-yes trustees would chomp at the bit to get rid of you early, which is why you gave 4 months’ notice! This way, if the district releases you early, they still have to pay you off to take your final bow! The way I see it, we’ve been paying you 6 years to do nothing right, so what’s another 4 months gonna hurt?! This blogger is sure going to miss jabbing at you MJ, however, unless Dansby fires key people from your regime; I could always jab at the leftover minions!

    Okay Mr. Dansby; all eyes are on you now to come in and try to sweep up the mess, or at least vacuum a little! The employees of this district will be watching very closely. I hope and pray you don’t have any skeletons or hidden agendas in your closet that will further affect our district in a negative manner! You have been in the classroom, campus level administration, and so forth…don’t forget where you came from, when you make decisions that ultimately impact the future of our district, and more importantly, the future of our students!!! Keep your ears and eyes wide open sir; the minions will try to sway you their way, but don’t let them! Empower the right people to bring forth a positive, kinder and gentler FWISD…I know in my heart it truly exists!

    If you believe in our district as much as I have heard through the vine, make it happen! If you truly want to rid the district of bullies from the top down, make it happen! And if you are serious about listening to the employees, start by reinstating the people who MJ and her clones eliminated from vital positions, like Sharon Herrera! Everyone in MJ’s cabinet knew she tapped into something explosive with the AHHS mess. She (Herrera) didn’t maliciously try to hinder our district, but more help it, by trying to avoid any more lawsuits! Look at her record; you will see she saved the district hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawsuits, by mediating between employees. There are countless others out there who have experienced similar or worst…HELP US! Get rid of Kaufman and create an Ombudsman department headed by Herrera…she will help bring peace throughout our district, one mediation at a time!

  3. This is a long “to do” list. Before recover and healing, the surgeon must remove the entire tumor. This may be painful but necessary.
    First: Stop the bleeding. Stop the witch hunts. Fire the outside law firms.
    Second: Surgically remove the rest of the Melody tumor: Reyna; Sorum; Davie; Griffin; Dawson (Legal). This includes FAILED Melody/Sorum concepts such as Lead Content Teachers (LCT’s); and CBA’s (curriculum based testing). End the 80+ retire rehires in Central Admin. Shuffle or remove every Principal in the low performing schools.
    Third: Build your own team. We are with you.

  4. I can agree with most of the above but be sure to also remove Karen Tarver, Alma Charles, and the five new hires in the CTE office. Next, get rid of the Connects crap.
    Forget about Robbins, we will get rid of him in the next elections–he is useless.
    Good Luck and get busy!

  5. This simply HAS to be said. The following appears in the Startlegram’s “Extra Garbage – I mean Credit” Blog.
    “I was quite taken aback by that comment,” (Norm) Robbins said to Dansby. “I do hope that you do not try to lead this district in that direction because I think that would be very distructive. I think we’re still trying to recover from that.”
    What PLANET is this guy from? Where does he think we are after six years under Melody Johnson and her witch doctor approach to education? A forensic audit of the District would reveal 10 x the waste fraud and abuse. Connects, legal fees…… Every teacher and staff member in FWISD should ACTIVELY campaign against this BOOB with all of their families and friends. How does he maintain a job at Lockheed? This is exactly why we are where we are today. Fortunately the downtown crowd and the Startlegram could not keep the TAKS disaster under wraps until after the election Thanks to Betty Brink and the Weekly.

  6. Why would you let someone who has no superintendent credentials run your school? We say oh it is not about race but if Mr. Dansby was white would we even consider him???? This is truly racism with lipstick.