Now that Anthony Weiner has admitted to the tweeted shlong, the U.S. congressman’s name has been added to the Hall of Shame for politically powerful men who’ve recently cheated, in some form or fashion, on their wives.

People ask over and over: “Why do men do this?” Let me suggest a simple explanation that’s usually overlooked: Lifelong monogamy isn’t for everyone. In fact, it’s an unreasonable expectation for many, many people. Some say that monogamy is unnatural, but you don’t have to be a “free love” hippie to acknowledge the obvious: “Happily ever after” just doesn’t cut it for a lot of men and women, so let’s stop promoting marriage as the ideal for everyone, including our political leaders.

“So don’t get married!” the promoters of monogamy declare. But it’s not so simple, especially for politicians. The pressure on people who run for high office to maintain a façade of idyllic family stability is enormous and ridiculous. Indeed, it’s a given that neither a bachelor nor a bachelorette could be elected U.S. president. That bars an awful lot of otherwise qualified people.


All I’m sayin’ is – let’s stop acting surprised and shocked when public figures stray from socially enforced arrangements that don’t fit them. It’s a setup for people to fail again and again.


  1. Weiner needs to seriously kickasomeass and challenge Brietbart to a hard-on contest on national TV.

    Loser throws himself in front of a train.

    Do it, guys!

    Or both be shamed as losers for the rest of your lives!

  2. No, Jimmy Fowler, my friend and colleague, this is not about monogamy, sorry. It’s about a highly respected public man getting caught once again with his pants down and trying to lie his way out of it.
    Weiner is simply joining the long list of powerful men who thought the rules did not apply to them, and then when they are exposed (no pun intended) think they can lie to the public — and in the process, throw the objects of their lust or sexual proclivities (whatever they may be) ,under the bus. The poor women, from Lewinsky to the dozens that Weiner exploited are often young enough to be these men’s daughters. And after they have had their fun with them, these same men run away from them as fast as they can. .
    The irony is most of these men survive and prosper. The women, girls really, many of whom are young enough to be their dauthers. well, who cares?
    They are just sluts, after all.
    Bill “I did not have sex with that woman” Clinton is a beloved senior good wll ambassador and his betrayed wife is our secretary of state. Eliot Spitzer, who prosecuted crime in NY and had his own romp in the hay with prostitutes (a crime in NY) until he was caught, is now a highly visible news commentator on CNN. Newt Gingrich, serial wife betrayer, is running for president. John Edwards, well he may be the one who gets to pay a higher price, but not for the transgression, instead for using campaign funds to cover up his affair that he was carrying on while his wife fought breast cancer and he ran for president.
    But none of this is new. JFK and FDR both had their mistresses. It’s just that we didn’t know about them until they were both dead. But if we wanted to track the sexual transgressions of our leaders, we’d have to go all the way back to Thomas Jefferson, who fathered a number of children with his slave mistress.
    No Jimmy, these scandals have nothing to do with monogamy. They are sins of hubris.
    As Henry Kissinger so famously said many years ago, the greatest aphrodisiac is power.
    But has anyone noticed? Seldom is a powerful woman caught in such sleazy affairs. What does that tell us?
    Elect women, stupid.

  3. “It’s not the Congressman who is at fault for his behavior and lying , it’s marriage itself!”

    LOL, this takes the cake.

  4. Well, like most (mostly Republican) politicians, I certainly believe in marriage. Lots of marriages. One at a time, of course.

  5. It’s the institution of marriage’s fault, not Wiener’s fault? Unbelivable! I’m constantly amazed at your left-wing drivel. And then you have your buddy the feminist responding that the problem isn’t marriage, it’s just men in general. We’re dogs so just vote only for women! Stupid #1 & stupid #2 belong together.