Arts groups have been hit particularly hard in this sour economy. It’s important for them to create unconventional fundraising events so that people are having so much fun, they barely realize they’re donating. Amphibian Productions hosts a terrific event called Drinking With the Stars 5:30pm Wed (June 22) at The Rug Company, 4701 W Frwy #500, FW. Cast members from the ‘Phibs’ upcoming production of the philosophical comedy Wittenberg will serve as bartenders in a competition to see who’s voted best mixologist for the evening.

The event is open to the public and everyone will receive tickets for two free drinks. Donations to Amphibian will come in the form of tips earned by the bartenders/performers. And they will be working hard to earn those tips. So belly up to the bar and loosen your pockets. Any event that mixes booze and talented actors competing for attention should be interesting.