Starting at 5:30pm tonight (Thursday), crawl (metaphorically speaking) the bricks with Camp Bowie District and Rahr & Sons Brewing Company, stopping at certain destinations along the way to enjoy gourmet food paired with spectacular Rahr beer. The $10 per person cost at each location includes a hand-selected beer from Rahr and food. The proceeds will benefit the beautification of the 9-mile-long road with lush landscaping. At the first stop, Winslow’s Wine Cafe, a Rahr Bucking Bock will be paired with wood-fired Margherita pizza or handmade pepperoni pizza. Next stop: Lucile’s Stateside Bistro for a Rahr Buffalo Butt and the restaurant’s signature lobster bisque and chips with wood-roasted salsa. Last stop: Kincaid’s Hamburgers for a Rahr Ugly Pug and your choice of an 8-oz. old-fashioned hamburger or cheeseburger.