Naturalism and emotional realism in acting have reigned for so many decades in the American theater and the movies, we almost forget how utterly different it is from the florid style that reigned before the 1950s. (Imagine a middle-aged Bette Davis performing in almost any of Meryl Streep’s contemporary roles, and you’ll see the high contrast). That naturalism largely came about because of Constantin Stanislavski’s much hailed, much ridiculed method system aka the Method school of acting.

This Saturday July 30, Pantagleize Theatre will host a one-day acting workshop entitled Techniques in Moscow Art Theatre. Stanislavski founded the Moscow in 1898 to expound his techniques of finding the emotional truth in every onstage moment. Master teacher Victor Tkachenko will conduct the workshop, which explores the basics of Stanislavski’s method and will hopefully dispel some myths. For registration info, call 817-472-0032.