The Dallas Cowboys played in a meaningless preseason game on Saturday night, and went head-to-head against the Texas Rangers who were playing on another TV channel in an all-important game that might have playoff ramifications.

And Uncle Barky points out that the Cowboys game drew five times as many viewers.


Anyone surprised?

One little World Series appearance by a traditionally underachieving baseball team won’t change the fact that this is football country and the Cowboys have won five Super Bowls — oh yeah, and the game of baseball is slower than a turtle on a treadmill.


  1. Oh, yeah, and the game of football is ideal for the mentally deficient, with whom the planet, and especially this neck of it, is replete.

  2. “Ideal” “deficient” “replete” — hey college boy why don’t you watch the badmitton finals while us real Texans enjoy a good game of football.