Monday Night Football began in an odd, quiet way last night, with a spoken word narrative over football footage. Yawn.

Missing was the pounding piano introduction leading into “Are You Ready” by Hank Williams Jr., the song that’s opened the show for two decades. MNF pulled the song after Williams compared the president to Hitler on a FOX daytime talk show nobody’s ever heard of.

Williams has been a self-absorbed blowhard since the 1970s. He’s written and recorded some great songs, but nobody in music — not even Jerry Lee Lewis — sings about himself in the third person more than ol’ Bocephus. How big of a blowhard is he? Watch the video and see for yourself (be prepared to throw up a little in your mouth):

Lili's Rectangle

The Dixie Chicks alienated country fans and radio stations and suffered a career setback in 2003 when they criticized President Bush. Now Williams is getting a taste of political correctness backlash. He issued a statement that sounded more like a justification than an apology, just like the Chicks did when their asses were on the grill.

And, like the Chicks, Williams will survive the media uproar and retain his fans and keep on trucking.

MNF hasn’t announced whether it will ban “Are You Ready” from future broadcasts or whether it was just a one-game suspension.

They should find a fresh song. “Ready” went stale about 10 years ago.

How about something by Hank Williams III? He’s got some fresh, rowdy songs. But there’s no telling what Tricephus will say in interviews since he’s even wilder than his old man.

Here’s Tricephus performing in Fort Worth (ear muffs!):


  1. He didn’t compare Obama to Hitler, he didn’t get “Dixie Chick’d” by his fans and the “daytime show nobody’ s heard of” has been number one in its slot for, oh, a few years.

    Other than that, pretty accurate account.

  2. @Obama’s Seat: did you even watch the video?

    “You used the name of one of the most hated people in all the world to describe, I think, the president,” the woman interviewer says.

    “That is true,” Williams replies.

    I’d say that confirms my statement that he compared Obama to Hitler.

    “Dixie Chicked” in this context means an artist made to suffer financially after making a polarizing political statement — ie. Williams getting his song pulled from MNF.

    As for “FOX & Friends” being No. 1 “in its slot” — well, maybe if its slot is “Cable News Shows Nobody Watches.”

  3. Maybe he should saw off the top of his head and make an ashtray out of it so he could understand what the real Hitler was like. It wouldn’t materially change is IQ.

  4. Finally someone uses their 1st constitutional right to answer a left leaning media and noone can stand it way to go Hank to hell with Monday night football our country is way more important than watching millionaires scramble around in tights’maybe the press should mention to Obama
    he has not succeded on one of his campaign promises not legally anyway.

  5. “@Obama’s Seat: did you even watch the video?”

    Yes. The initial mention was comparing the golfing to a meeting of polar opposites, and true, he took it further.

    The Dixie Chicks were punished by their fans, such is not the case with Williams.

    As to Fox and Friends, whenever it’s noted that a Fox program is a ratings leader, the standard response is “no-one watches cable news”, so you get a pass to sticking to the lefty script. Everyone watches The View, right?

    Everyone knows Godwin’s Law was suspended during the Bush years anyway, that cat’s not going back in the bag.

  6. Of course, only criticism of REPUBLICAN presidents is treason (BUSH Jr : You’re with us or you’re with the terrorists)

    And to “Obama’s Seat” who thinks “Fox and Friends” is the #1 morning show, 5 times more people watch the Today show, almost as many watch Good Morning America, and 3x as many watch the CBS Morning News.

  7. “Being punished by their fans” ?? ?? Everyone living who is as smart as my bird dog, loved the Chicks more after they looked the peckerwoods in the eye and didn’t back down. Those Chicks told the truth and stood their ground and remained honorable people.

    Decent people usually and predictably remain decent. Bully’s and greed-heads rarely do much better. Self-satisfied children who failed to grow up. Spoiled brats. They behave like swine and louts, then whine and snivel when called out. Then they scratch their butt, and go for the money.

    Gimme a break. Send the disgusting, self-important loudmouth over to Highland Park to live with that draft-dodger with the cod-piece, who got off that fighter-plane someone else was driving and snarled “brang ‘um on”.

  8. Obama killed Bin Ladin and Hank Williams Jr. calls him the enemy?
    Looks like the Islamo-fascist terrorists have infiltrated country music. Time to burn Hank’s CD’s in the streets because he supports terrorism. Send him to Gitmo and beat his ass!!