If you believe in bad signs and omens, then you’d already written off the Texas Rangers before they even played last night’s Game 4 of the World Series.

Bad Omen No. 1 — Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton stood in with the Cowboys for the coin toss before their game with the Rams. He was in full Rangers uniform. But he lost the coin toss and the Cowboys had to kick off to start the game.

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Bad Omen No. 2 — Worst. President. Ever. Threw out the first pitch before the Rangers game.

Bad Omen No. 3 — Nolan Ryan, who was catching George W. Bush’s toss, dropped the ball.

No matter, the Rangers still kicked ass.


  1. The crowd cheered for Bush very loudly which goes to show that there is no accounting for taste or intelligence when it comes to the masses, particularly those masses in red states like Texas.

  2. How true, Humph. Texas is a national disgrace, folks are too dumb to know who to hate with a passion, no-one bothers to read the list.

  3. Dick Cheney?!!!

    God GOD, Etta, have you no DECENCY!! Children read this blog!!!!

    Today, popular entertainer Orlando Jones twitted to his followers that they should KILL Sarah Palin, and he didn’t even mention Cheney!! What’s up with THAT???!!!11!!