Several Fort Worth artists have banded together to prepare our eventual relocation to our new homes –– in outer space.

Planet Earth –– according to the ad hoc, mysterious Fort Worth agency known only as the Homecoming Committee –– has become “no longer tolerant of its toxic inhabitants known as the human race. … The Earth has reached its breaking point. There’s no going back. What are we to do? We have to get the hell out of here!”

AF22 - 300x250

The committee is capitalizing on the recent privatization of space exploration. Now that NASA’s shuttle program has been retired, the space agency has begun partnering with the commercial spaceflight industry to continue sending astronauts into low Earth orbit, awarding millions of dollars to companies that design, produce, and service rockets and capsules. “Eighty million of that chunk of change,” the committee says, “will be awarded to the company that presents the best ‘crewed launch demo’: a prototype based on existing cargo-capsule designs, modified for human travel.” However, the committee muses, “How will we ever beat those fat cats in this new space race?”

At 9pm on Sat, Dec 3, at 2525 Weisenberger St in Fort Worth, the committee will unveil its XLP-11 “crude/crewed” launch prototype, “a spaceship built by the people, for the people,” featuring work by guest artists Elliot Johnson and M, plus installations by the committee’s own Christopher Blay, Tim Harding, and Kris Pierce.

Prospective passengers are encouraged to bring to the unveiling one item, “large or small, as a contribution to the molecular makeup of our ticket out of here,” including old lights, tin foil, out-moded electronics, and “whatever else it takes to get to space,” the committee says. Cover is $5 for contributors; $10 for folks “who just want a seat.” Prospective passengers also can visit today to donate $5 or more to reserve a ticket. The first 100 will receive a limited edition Homecoming button. “Space-garb is strongly encouraged,” the committee says. “Help us help you reach the stars!”

Entertainment will be provided by DJ Juan Solo; open bar for 21-and-uppers.