He could have done the respectable thing and gone on Letterman and recited a Top 10 list, but the controversial Carlo “Il Patriota” Galotto, owner of Zio Carlo Magnolia Brew Pub on the Near South Side, is doing something almost equally gracious: hosting a happy hour. From 5 to 7pm on Saturday, Dec 10, Mr. Zio Carlo brewpub and his crew will be doling out free pizza –– also on tap are a performance by Sally Majestic’s Scott Vernon and a chatty appearance by Social Media Club Fort Worth.

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A portion of bar proceeds will benefit Fort Worth South, Inc., a nonprofit group dedicated to revitalizing the historic neighborhood.



  1. (Sorry, Jody.) Jody Jones is a brilliant Fort Worth singer-songwriter in the Americana vein. He’ll have a new album out in 2012 that will make dozens/hundreds of end-of-the-year bests lists. He’s THAT good. Go see him. And Scott. And enjoy the free pizza. And don’t hate on anyone. Peace.

  2. OK, what if Chesapeake Energy throws a free beer and pizza party with great local music after fucking up my neighborhood? Am I expected to forgive and forget or is this case different? Maybe Magnolia exists in a vacuum. Whatever. Peace on what’s left of Earth in these parts.

  3. While I don’t like the idea of speaking rudely about paying customers, many others have pointed out that we do live in a free speech society. I hardly think that Carlo getting drunk and being incredibly rude is the same as Chesapeake Energy “effing up” the neighborhood.
    While I may fall under the liberal art-loving, latte-drinking, socially liberal “Obama kid” label to some, and I would be offended if he had not apologized, I will chalk it up to character and let it go.
    I used to eat brunch regularly at a place in Dallas where the owner was frequently snippy with my guests because they asked for split checks, or substitutions on their order, or whatever. I knew that was part of going to this place and took it in stride. If that is not for you, however – don’t go to the party. I’m sure everyone would understand.

  4. I think this is the right thing to do. We should all learn to forgive and most of all respect people – we are all human, Don. You can’t compare this situation to Chesapeake. And just don’t even try. I’ll see you at the happy hour!

  5. Zio,

    Vi vogliamo bene!

    I can’t wait to come check out this awesome place in Fort Worth South on Saturday Dec 10th. You can bet I’ll be there with my buddies – and thank the lord we all have jobs and have our own small businesses so we’ll be paying customers.

    By the way, Thank you Mr. Carlo for sticking your neck out and taking that old run down building, converting it into a contributing business that employs people and adds to our community despite all of the obstacles that face small business in this economy. Your brew pub is an awesome addition to our Fort Worth South neighborhood. I’m still holding out for a pizza oven.