The Dallas Cowboys looked like meek little dogies last night when faced with the perfect opportunity to change the game’s momentum and to energize the crowd.

In the second quarter, New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs scored a touchdown to put his team in the lead. Then he ran over to the Cowboys helmet that’s painted in the end zone, positioned himself atop the Cowboys star, and performed a mocking dance that, toward the end, almost simulates pissing on the hallowed logo.

And the Cowboys did nothing.

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Remember when San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Terrell Owens went out of his way to dance on the star at midfield. You’d have thought he loogied in Tom Landry’s fedora.

Cowboys safety George Teague became a local hero after he slammed Owens to the turf and started an onfield brawl.

But our modern day Cowboys shrugged off Jacobs’ diss and moseyed on over to the sideline, and continued to lose their backbone one vertebra at a time during the fourth quarter.

Having said that, I’m sticking by my early-season vow to back Tony Romo and Gang to the end of the season. Romo’s early season heroics with busted ribs earned him a season’s worth of support and, truth is, he can still be the ultimate hero.

He came through earlier in the year when faced with a brick wall. He can do it again.

Romo can still lead his team to two victories in the next two weeks, face off against the Giants on the final game of the regular season, and earn redemption. That would be almost as sweet a victory as a Super Bowl win.

But even if the Cowboys lose their next two games and limp into New York for a final, meaningless game, somebody on that team needs to bust Jacobs back into last week.

DeMarcus Ware, you listening?


  1. The Brandon Jacobs incident was a peculiar one indeed. I don’t know if he pretended to urinate on the star but he certainly disrespeccted it. The Cowboys players let him get away with it. I was watching on tv but I didn’t hear the fans booing much either. Even the announcers Al Michaels and Chris Collingsworth did not even mention the horrible affront. The Cowboys players just blew it off. This was after Brandon Jacobs had already been taunting our players after almost every play was over. It seemed like Brandon Jacobs and the Giants intimidated the Cowboys in their own stadium. WTF?