This is an urgent plea to the friends and family of Fellowship Church Pastor Ed Young and his wife Lisa: Please pay more attention to the Youngs. If the Grapevine couple were feeling less ignored, they might not be compelled to pull stunts like The 24 Hour Bed-In. Starting Friday morning (Jan 13) at 6am, the Youngs will discuss “God’s intentions for Biblical sex” while reclining in a bed atop the roof of Fellowship Church. Oh, and they’ll be selling books, too.

I get a little nervous when people use “Bible” and “sex” in the same sentence. Maybe that’s because I’m part of a minority whose 2,000 year old reward for hot smokin’ love was being stoned to death by your neighbors. But I suspect many straight people feel skittish about religion and sex, too. If the Youngs really want to arouse their flock, they’d say something like: “God is totally shocked at how dirty your sex is. In fact, God has never seen anything dirtier or more shocking in the long history of dirty, shocking sex.” Hasn’t moral disapproval been the key to great shtupping since the dawn of Western civilization?


But don’t get your hopes up. My prediction: Unless there’s a surprise twist involving Pastor Ed in fishnets and pumps, the Youngs’ Bed-In will be a snoozer.