After 10 years and three different locations, the lovable bar-bar the 7th Haven in the West 7th corridor is closing for good. The final blowout will be Saturday, Feb. 25. In a statement, Haven owner Jimmy Moore attributes his decision to several factors. “Due to the more and more great nightlife entertainment options opening up and down the 7th Street corridor (we’ve counted at least 25 since we relocated to our current spot a little over three years ago), ongoing parking issues, and the cloud of a potential imminent sale of our building, we felt like the time is right to retire our beloved Haven on our own terms.”

Moore credits his father, Jim Moore Sr., for some sage advice: “Never let emotions interfere with a prudent business decision.”

“I have met and made many new, lifelong friendships over the years at the bar that have and continue to enrich my personal life,” Moore says. “That said, this truly was an agonizing and painful decision –– but on a business level, a prudent one.”


Moore gives thanks to his former business partner Stacey Prince (“the sole reason we survived those early, extremely difficult start-up years and are still here today”) and his current staff –– Cara, Kristin, Cheryl, Gordon, Sara, Paige, Joe, and Daniel –– and nearby Lola’s Saloon owner Brian Forella, “who’s been on 7th Street since way before 7th Street was cool.” Forella, Moore goes on to say, “started it all, and when I first opened 10 years ago as a complete bar novice in the old A-Bar space, he was one of the first to welcome me with open arms and shared his years of experience and gave invaluable advice, even though I was new competition.”

Moore also gives special thanks to his stepmom Gerry “for her unwavering financial support through thick and thin,” Momma Louise, “who has always been my No. 1 fan,” and, most importantly, his sister Lynn and two best friends, Pat and Michelle, “without whom I could not have done any of this.”

Though the Haven is closing, Moore still holds the lease on the property for two more years. He currently is “exploring alternative uses for the remaining term,” he says. “Stay tuned.”



  1. I am absolute devastated an shocked by this news. The business has seemed to be doing so well, especially since Taco Heads has opened up shop there. The staff is by far one of the best I’ve seen in town. Everyone has been so great to not only my friends and me, but also to my dog Henry that frequently accompanied me there. I am really really going to miss this place.

  2. I agree with Lauren – the staff at the Haven is the best staff in Fort Worth! Jimmy is a fantastic guy who goes above and beyond being “just” a bar owner – he took on causes and supported so many in need (including pets!) out of the kindness of his heart by hosting several events. The Haven sign should be a landmark!

  3. Wow! That is horrible news. I am in the military, and that bar was one of the few perks I always looked forward to each time I came home. Guess I’ll have to find another option.

  4. I’ll definitely miss the bar. However, I will definitely not miss that annoying dog Henry. Always humping people’s legs and stealing my beer.


    I am very grateful that “The Haven” and Taco Heads allowed me to perform on the back patio for the last couple of summers. It’s been hot(they got misters), it’s been cold(they got a fire pit), we played through the rain, people danced in the streets, we saluted our veterans on Vet’s Day, we dropped rings and $20 bills between the boards of the new patio(on accident…please don’t go ripping up boards at The Haven just yet), I played TEJANO MUSIC ON 7TH ST AND WHITE PEOPLE, BLACK PEOPLE, AND EVERYONE IN BETWEEN YELLED GRITOS(good times), we got noise complaints, Gordo got us way too drunk, Jimmy finally made me a House Mexican and I upgraded from the back porch to the smallest stage I’ve ever played on inside for NEW YEARS EVE 2012. We ate, drank, laughed, will probably cry, and will miss 7th Streets haven from the impersonal. Thanks Sarah Castillo, thanks Jimmy Moore for having us. I’m excited for what’s in store in the future. Ready. Set. Go!

  6. Definitely my favortie bar staff in Fort Worth. I’m so sad to hear this! I guess I know what I’ll be doing this Saturday 🙁 Farewell, old friend!