To the editor: I just got through reading “A New Curve” (Feb. 1, 2012) on the traffic circles. My wife is the one who was too busy to talk with you but yelled, “We love it!” She’s a home health occupational therapist and was heading out to see a patient that day, but I had to tell you that many of us on Norwood are very happy with the improvements. Not just the traffic circle but the bump-outs, taking the lanes from four across to two, and adding bike lanes. The biggest question for those who don’t like the circles: Would you want people driving 70 mph down your residential street? Find me someone who says yes, and I’ll buy ’em a ticket for the speedway north of Fort Worth.

It was simply crazy outside our front door. We had a quarter-mile track, and there simply aren’t enough police to sit out here and write tickets day and night. We knew we didn’t want speed bumps or stop signs — research shows both are less safe than the calming devices.

You’ll probably find most of the “haters” are either older residents who don’t like change of any kind or people who can’t cut through our neighborhood at a high rate of speed anymore. My two daughters can now ride around the neighborhood without us worrying. And we’re seeing more bike commuters heading toward the University of Texas at Arlington.

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