The national news media is all over the big drug bust at Texas Christian University, where police reportedly arrested 17 students (and counting) for selling marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, and prescription pills.

The bright side is that TCU consumers have enough sense to buy real marijuana rather than the synthetic strains being sold online and in local stores as described in this week’s cover story “A Potpourri of Poisons.”



  1. We also get to see how corrupt the University is in their drug war publicity stunts. Funny how this was a six month drug investigation yet Coach Patterson waited til February 1 (after the end of the football season) to “surprise” drug test the team. Now TCU refuses to release how many players failed the drug test in response to allegations that most of the team (81 players) failed it.

  2. The TCU football players all smoke pot based on the statements of the arrested players. TCU has been one of the top teams in college football for the past four years. Tell me again why the federal government lists marijuana as a dangerous drug in the same category as heroin?