a5drought1The Arlington City Council killed a motion to enact permanent water restrictions after several residents lambasted the idea as “un-American.”

The mayors of Fort Worth, Dallas, Irving and Arlington publicly called for greater conservation efforts after seeing the effects of one of the worst droughts in state history — a drought that only recently ended and is still being felt in some areas. In the rest of the state, including North Texas, the drought could quickly return, according to weather experts.

The drought broke this year, and for Arlington residents who successfully lobbied the city council, that means it’s back to watering as usual for that thirsty  St. Augustine grass, a native of the rain-heavy tropics.

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As one resident put it: “This is America. Why are we being forced and strong-armed into doing something that should be voluntary?”

In an objective sense, they’re right. American cities haven’t done much conserving when it comes to water, certainly not for those neon-green lawns. But it could hurt the economy not to, according to Comptroller Susan Combs.

Another salient point: gas companies use millions of gallons of water in fracking, as do many other local businesses.

Dallas passed permanent water restrictions last week and Fort Worth is scheduled to vote soon. Should unrestricted watering be protected? Or does the government have the right to ensure water is available for a doubled population in 40 years?

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  1. It’s ridiculous that people think they don’t need to conserve water. In west Texas it is a serious problem where they will even get water in the next few years. For those people who don’t want constrictions the only solution is to make them pay a huge premium for the excess water they use. That will make them cut back.

  2. You know who uses a lot more water than the gas drillers? Millery Brewery. Let’s not get crazy about cutting back water use by the industries or else a six pack of beer will cost $20.

  3. Unbelievable. The mayor and council cave to a slogan shouting minority mob who think water conservation is a ‘”gubbermint” hoax related to the United Nations Agenda 21 plot. They really do. Water is a infinite resource and their access to it is a constitutional right. They really do.