If you doubt the life of a transgender person is a tough road to walk, look no further than the case of Paula Witherspoon, who last month was ticketed for “disorderly conduct” at Dallas’ Parkland Hospital for using the women’s restroom. Some idiot complained after seeing Witherspoon going about her business –– who stares that long and hard at strangers in public restrooms? –– and, despite having transition papers from her doctor, she was ticketed by an officer for the crime of acting “intentionally or knowingly for a lewd or unlawful purpose.”

Lord, give me patience with people. It doesn’t sound like the cop even knew the technical definition of “disorderly conduct.” Couldn’t he have consulted his own superiors or other Parkland officials when the transition papers were presented? A county hospital is nothing if not a diverse cross-section of humanity. I’m fairly sure Witherspoon wasn’t the first transgender woman to walk through its doors.

On the plus side, the coverage by NBC-TV Channel 5 was careful and respectful of Witherspoon’s situation, so my faith in the human race is a little less severely battered than it normally is.


  1. Don’t women’s restrooms have stalls rather than urinals? How on earth could someone tell anything about what someone else is or isn’t doing and what someone else has or hasn’t got?
    I’ve never understood why men and women go to separate bathrooms anyway. We are all there to piss and shit. Who cares what somebody else’s body parts are?

  2. Lets face it. She is woman, so the last thing she would be interested is the sexuality of another woman. FIGURE IT OUT.

  3. It’s true that, as it turned out, Paula Witherspoon was a registered sex offender. But that’s not why someone complained and she was subsequently approached by police and ticketed. It’s because she was a trans woman. My post still stands.