Okay, how about this one? A white Republican walks into a Muslim bar (just go with it) and vows to fight against Islam.

Actually, I’ll let you come up with your own punchline.

Itamar Gelbman, an Army veteran running for Congress in District 6, which includes


parts of southeast Tarrant County, sent out mailers this week to inform about 40,000 area homes of his campaign.

Gelbman retreads the usual GOP rhetoric, though he also just happens to mention that he would fight against the “Islamization” of America.

As the WFAA story points out, that might be a problem for Muslims. Of whom there are maybe 50,000 living in the district he’s campaigning in.

Whoops. I guess now he’ll have to explain what “Islamization” means, since his website makes no mention of it. Perhaps he’s trying to reach those 9/12 Project people, the ones warning that Americans could soon be living under Sharia law.

That’s the fundamentalist, theocratic philosophy common in the Middle East and North Africa. You know, the places where Muslims have spent the last 16 months fighting and dying against totalitarian regimes supported for decades by American dollars.

Wait! I think I figured out the punchline!


  1. Remember when all those Republicans were trying to deny women access to birth control and saying it was about “religious freedom”? Where are they now?

  2. Some religions are more equal than others. Plastering quotations and laws from the Jewish Bible all over courthouses and statehouses is good morals. Allowing Muslims to actually go to mosque is Sharia. Got it?

  3. Remember that California rewarded lawbreaking Illegal Immigrants with the ‘Dream Act’ and punished U.S. Citizens with ‘Proposition 8’.

    It is amazing to me the way our leaders and candidates to be our leaders…..
    spin their wheels.

    And the number of voters who go along for the ride.
    What a waste.