We didn’t take note on last week’s Night & Day page of the concert this past weekend by Sounds Modern, but we probably should have. The new-music group performed Frederic Rzewski’s Coming Together, a piece written in response to the 1971 Attica prison riot. The piece is what I’ve come to expect from Rzewski (pronounced ZHEV-skee): rumbling figures in the bass and sympathy for the political underclass. I do like the quieter second section of the work better than the first. You can listen to both sections below, performed by a different ensemble:

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Sounds Modern played the piece creditably. They’re not scheduled to perform again until September, but let’s hope we hear more from them. Fort Worth certainly could do with hearing more contemporary concert-hall music.


  1. As the director of Sounds Modern, I wanted to thank you for writing about our concert. Hopefully we’ll see you at our next concert at The Modern on September 15!