As of this writing, the person who bought the $28 million Lotto Texas ticket at a Fort Worth convenience yesterday has yet to claim the prize. Maybe they haven’t bothered to check the numbers yet, or they misplaced the ticket, or they’re making certain arrangements in their personal and financial life before going public.

Or… they’re hesitant to turn in this Lottery Ticket of the Damned because of the so-called “Lotto Curse.”

Amidst the avalanche of “Dreams do come true!” publicity surrounding lottery winners, my favorite stories have always been the ones where unexpected and outrageous disaster befell the new instant millionaires. Check out these cautionary tales of people who got rich quick and rued the day: Ridiculously lavish lifestyles that can’t be maintained; drug and alcohol problems that turned into full-blown addictions; greedy, scamming relatives (including some who hire hit men to inherit the winner’s fortune); dumb-ass investments followed by money-draining lawsuits –– yes, folks, being instantly wealthy is just as hellish as you imagined. Or at least I hope it is, dammit.