Stop by India Café for the masala wraps. Vishal Malhotra

Recently, on one of my customary library crawls, I passed an Indian restaurant on the corner of a strip mall in Watauga. Alternately intrigued and suspicious, I looked up India Café online from the safety of the nearest bookcave. The restaurant has a website, I discovered, and when the words “masala bowls and wraps” flashed onto the home page, I knew I had to check this place out.

Only a few months ago, The New York Times ran a story about the advent of Indian fast-food restaurants in Colorado, serving bowls and burrito-like wraps a la Chipotle and Qdoba. Already, the Mid-Cities has a restaurant offering these newfangled fusion items? (Admittedly, the Times’ trend pieces can be woefully behind the curve.)

This place already had a few things going for it, at least in my book. From what I could tell, everything about it was unpretentious. The menu showed the operators were willing to experiment and featured snack foods you don’t commonly see at Indian restaurants. The location — in Watauga and facing US 377 — was suitably off the beaten path, and the décor was sparse at best.

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