This is hilarious: George W. Bush, whose unpopularity in the GOP is second possibly only to Jimmy Carter’s, finally offered his gold-plated endorsement of a Republican presidential candidate. It was composed of four words (“I’m for Mitt Romney”) and it was muttered hastily after a speech in Washington, D.C. yesterday. Not, mind you, while Dubya was still on the podium –– where large numbers of people might hear him –– but after he’d left the room. The Associated Press reports that the ex-president muttered his support “as the doors of his elevator were closing.”

This was no doubt at the request of Romney campaign staffers. Wary of exposing their man to Dubya’s presidential cooties, they probably said something like: “Look, Shrub, you’re totally free not to endorse Mitt, okay? We’re fine with that. And if you really have to make an endorsement –– remember, no pressure –– can you do it far away from him? And not in a public space? And not repeat it if anyone asks? Thanks, dude.”


  1. Jimmy, You may have this correct. However, I suspect Dubya also got an ear full from Mama Bear Barbara admonishing Shrub to avoid the Romney mormon cooties on the Bush Brand. Afterall Brother Jeb is backpeddling as fast as he can away from the VP slot on the Romney ticket to avoid the Romney taint. Now I know Papa Bush and Mama Bear Barb said Romney was a “nice guy” but I thought they looked like they were stiffling a “fart” when they said it.

    These so called endorsements are hilarious. I cannot wait for the R’s convention!