It’s no secret that some moms self-medicate.

Many of them would have self-destructed and smothered their offspring over the decades if not for the various types of traditional “mother’s little helpers” — wine, cocktails, cigarettes, and diet pills.

Marijuana seems tame in comparison. Yet the federal government classifies pot as a Schedule I drug right alongside the more serious PCP and heroin.


So it’s pleasing to know that a mainstream website such as would publish “Pot-smoking moms tired of being judged by wine drinkers” and allow regular women a chance to explain why they’d rather toke than drink.

A live poll accompanying the story asks if it’s okay for moms to smoke pot. More than 80 percent of readers say it’s fine as long as the moms smoke pot responsibly.




  1. As a medical cannabis user whose fibromyalgia is in remission currently and who used to take pills all day long which left me way more loaded than cannabis ever does; and a mother with a child with ADHD (as do I) and a processing disorder that leaves me pulling out my hair.. cannabis is a helper to my parenting. I’ve been known to throw a few back at times as well- and that leaves me not nearly as capable or as nice a parent as cannabis. My grandma was a shutin who drank vanilla extract.. I think my method of dealing with anxiety is more effective and better for me.

  2. Glad to see an article like this hit the FW Weekly! As the Executive Director for the Dallas/Fort Worth chapter of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), it’s nice to finally start getting some media exposure for the cause.

    Thanks to Jeff Prince & the rest of the FW Weekly staff for covering such a wide range of causes. The exposure really does help more than you know.

    Herb’s the word.