Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott “should be better informed,” said Daan Everts, an ambassador with the Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe.

That painful title belongs to a group that monitors elections around the world on behalf of the United Nations. Abbott threatened this week to arrest anyone with the group who tries to observe Texas elections.

The group already observed elections in San Antonio, where Jacquelyn Callanen, Bexar County’s elections administrator, said “things went smoothly.”


“For years here in Bexar County, we’ve been getting international delegations, and it’s wonderful. We learn more from them probably than they learn from us,” she told The Houston Chronicle.

No doubt Abbott is (knowingly) scoring major points with Texas’ right-wingers, who believe the UN is slowing working to make the world, and especially the United States, into a communist gulag.

When the group took offense at being threatened with criminal charges, Abbott tweeted “BRING IT.”

It’s all very ironic coming from the guy fighting for voter ID laws passed by the Republican-dominated Texas legislature last year and now in legal limbo after it was struck down by federal judges who said it would disproportionately affect minority and lower-income voters.

Abbott’s remarks also come in the wake of controversy over Tea Party-affiliated groups like True the Vote, a Houston-based organization that recruits and trains poll watchers to prevent voter fraud, but has been accused of showing up mostly at minority polling locations, especially in Houston, where Republicans have begun fighting desperately against the rising tide of Democrat-voting minorities that could eventually turn the county, and possibly the state, blue.

At least we’re safe from the UN.


  1. Greg Abbott should be better informed? Why? He wouldn’t be where he is without his current level of ignorance and that of the people who put him there. I’d say he knows enough. Just enough to keep his job and his name in the news. That’ the very definition of success.

  2. Sure, they’re from the government and they’re here to help. What authority does the UN have on US elections? NONE. Why are they trying to insert themselves? Whose idea was it for them to Oversee our elections…and why? What is their purpose?

    Agenda 21 anyone? The one world power is on it’s way.
    Vote for Obama if this is just fine with you. But when you lose your freedom to some UN ideals, don’t blame the Conservatives.

  3. “Abbott threatened this week to arrest anyone with the group who tries to observe Texas elections.”

    No, he didn’t.

    He told them they would be subject to arrest if they violate Texas laws.

    “The group already observed elections in San Antonio… “things went smoothly.”

    IOW, they didn’t violate any laws.

    This is noting but posturing by Euros, and Abbot postured right back, to send the message that a lot of Americans share.

    All they are going to do is fly here first class, stay in the best hotels, eat drink and whore in a first-class way and drive around in spanking new fully-loaded Toyota Land Cruisers, and accomplish exactly nothing as expensively as they can.

  4. And next in line for Texas Crazy is Iowa, threatening the observers just like The Crazy State. Expect sanctions and a sternly-worded condemnation from the UN.