SINCE WHEN DID JENNA BUSH BECOME LIKE MY MOM? (photo by timothy horrigan)

Seems like only yesterday that George W. Bush’s cute, blonde daughter Jenna was running wild, drinking while under age in Fort Worth and Austin, and developing a reputation as a coo-coo party girl. I always liked that about Jenna.

President Bush made a lot of people want to get drunk when he ruled the free world.

But, apparently, that was many years ago. Now the former first daughter is married, working as a correspondent at the Today show, and, gasp, being named as the new editor at large for Southern Living.


For as far back as I can remember, Southern Living magazines littered coffee tables and counter tops in my parents’ house. My mom was an avid subscriber, and she religiously read all about how to decorate cakes, make drapes, plant flowers, and other lifestyle information that appealed to  middle-aged women slowly sleepwalking to their graves (just kidding, mom!).