For certain kinds of people –– single, or childless, or those who’ve lost or are separated from loved ones –– the holiday season can feel like everything from a bad joke to happiness boot camp: You will feel the good cheer, dammit, or the merriment drill sergeants will make you drop and do fifty. Most adults will admit that Christmas and its festive ilk bring mixed feelings at best. The 2012 edition of SceneShop’s annual December variety show “A Fifth of Christmas” (8pm Sat Dec 8 at Arts Fifth Avenue, 1628 5th Ave, FW) is designed to recognize and even celebrate that.with comic and dramatic sketches, live music, and standup comedy.

Michael “Aitch” Price and His Noel Laureates will provide live bluesy, rootsy Christmas tunes for your pleasure. The Fifth Avenue Hi-Notes will offer more traditional seasonal choral music. The theatrical pieces were written by Natalie Gaupp and SceneShop co-founder Steven Alan McGaw and will be performed by a small cast of “Fifth” regulars. Christopher Darden, who recently advanced to the finals of the Funniest Comic in Texas competition, will perform PG-rated  standup comedy. Tix are $12; reservations are strongly recommended for this one-night-only performance.