Thanks to this year’s contentious campaign, we learned that Barack Obama is America’s first foreign-born gay Muslim socialist president. But did you also know the dude was a major 420 enthusiast back in the day? “I inhaled frequently,” goes his famous quote. “That was the point.” Now that the citizens of Washington and Colorado have approved the recreational use of cannabis, will Obama’s Justice Department respect the will of the people? Granted, this is not the most pressing issue the U.S. faces right now, which is also the point — resources used to enforce silly federal pot laws would be resources squandered.

The D/FW chapter of NORML (National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws) doesn’t want to let this banner year in the reform movement pass without one last holiday git-together. Chronica 2012 will feature vendors selling smoking and lifestyle accessories as well as live performances from The Effinays, Sally Majestic, Burning Slow, Bum Lucky, and Mix Magyk. The event happens 9pm tomorrow (Sat Dec 29) at Red Goose Saloon, 306 Houston St, FW. Eighteen and up only, please. Admission is $5 if you’re a NORML member, $10 for everyone else.