(flickr photo by keith allison)

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and real estate developer Donald Trump aren’t known for their stoic and sensible demeanor.

Cuban’s the guy you don’t want to sit beside at a basketball game, and Trump is the guy who loves firing people on TV.

Lately they’ve — OMG! — devolved into 14-year-old girls with Twitter mania.


They’ve sniped back and forth for a while now, mostly to mock each others reality TV shows — Cuban’s “Shark Tank” and Trump’s “Apprentice” franchise.

(I’ve seen both shows and prefer “The Apprentice.” As for personalities of the two men, they are running neck and neck for most annoying.)

Now Trump is pulling into the lead.

On Monday, his Twitter page threw down on Cuban and the struggling Mavs.

“@dallasmavs is 1-12 against the Western Conference’s top four seeds after Sunday’s loss & @okcthunder swept the season series.”

“Why does @mcuban continue to embarrass the 31-35 & 11TH place @dallasmavs with childish behavior? Really unprofessional!”

Later, somebody tweeted Trump, asking who would win on the golf course.

“Did you ever see Mark swing a club – the power of a little girl!” Trump responded.

“Golf match?” he tweet-inued. “I’ve won 18 Club Championships including this weekend. @mcuban swings like a little girl with no power or talent. Mark’s a loser.”

Cuban responded on his own Twitter page, “I’m on my plane on the way home from a Mavs win. This twitter barrage is a blast! Are you having as much fun as I am?”

Then he challenged Trump to a Harlem Shake duel pitting the “Apprentice” cast versus the “Shark Tank” cast, all for charity.

“We can all bring our birth certificates if that helps,” Cuban added.