A historic and deceitful bid by Texas’ fringiest right-wing lawmakers (i.e., Republicans) to shut down the state’s legal, licensed abortion providers was met with appropriate outrage yesterday: Over 700 people –– mostly women voters –– flocked to Austin for the current special session as the House considers two bills that would burden clinics with onerous requirements and restrictions designed to shutter them. The protesters spoke long into the a.m. hours in an attempt to give pro-choice (i.e., Democratic) legislators a chance to regroup and scuttle the legislation before a final vote next week.

Fetus-obsessed anti-choicers claim they only have women’s health and safety in mind when they created the new restrictions on health clinics. The protesters said nope, you’re lying –– what you really want to do is end access to safe, legal reproductive care for most Texas women. On Wednesday, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst confirmed that yep, the anti-choicers are lying –– if enacted, these bills would indeed close the majority of Texas health clinics that offer the procedure.

In the interest of honesty, I think the anti-abortion lawmakers should call themselves “pro-coat hanger.” What they really want to do is throw poor/working-class Texas women to the wolves of “back-alley” opportunists peddling horrendously unsafe procedures and remedies that’re almost as old as pregnancy itself. It’s all kind of mind-boggling, and a perfect example of why voters should pay close attention to the candidates running in those unsexy state legislator races. Stay tuned.


  1. In the interest of honesty, I think pro-abortion lawmakers should call themselves ‘pro baby killing.’ if you think we’re even, you’re sick

    • I dont think I’ve ever met anyone who is “pro- abortion”. They’re pro- allowing women the choice to manage their own bodies. Its dishonest to phrase it otherwise.

  2. The right wingers who dominate the Texas Legislature, never let an opportunity to fill the state coffers with punitive anti-small business regulatory fees go to waste. This is merely one example of the phoniness of so called “pro- business Republicans. ” They are real “PRO” when it comes to BIG businesses getting tax breaks etc. but doctor’s practices, like other small businesses get squeezed with exponential taxing PSI every legislative session. Think about it –how many abortion providers provide services of “questionable” safety requiring these self righteous less educated dullards to oversee? If there was a safety issue, there would be a malpractice issue–and there isn’t a malpractice issue. They don’t want to put providers out of business,– merely to suck their blood in the form of regulatory fees, inspections, and penalties. Meanwhile the regs are written insuch a way to exclude those pesky Planned Parenthood folks from collecting state Medicaid buts which will-in the short run-save the state some bucks. If the Texas legislature really cared about human lives, there would be meaningful regulations in place to prevent big business debacles such as explosive industrial accidents or deaths from natural gas leaks and explosions. But BIG business is such a sacred cow (better lobbyists) that will never happen.

  3. What a load of CRAP!!! Abortion is murder, murder is illegal. Science (DNA) has proven that a fetus is a human being; therefore abortion is murder! If we can kill babies, why can’t we kill LIBTARD progressives who are clearly a waste of oxygen? You know why; because MURDER is illegal!!!

    • DNA is not science, your comment makes no sense! Surely if the foetus, which is not yet a baby, is unable to be cared for properly, it would be better to terminate the pregnancy! In cases of rape, do you still find it illegal? Or if the pregnancy would be detrimental to the mother’s health, or the baby would be disabled? The choice is up to the parents, not people who do not know the situation.