At tomorrow’s Fort Worth school board meeting her fellow trustees will consider censuring Ann Sutherland.

Sutherland said in an email Monday that she believes the motion may be related to the ongoing saga of Joe Palazzolo, the former assistant principal turned whistleblower at Arlington Heights. She didn’t elaborate.

“Most of my work has centered on class size, services to school sites, and the care of our finances,” she said in a statement. “I have sent one request for information approximately each two weeks of my three-year tenure. The information I requested has revealed a number of significant problems which have been addressed as a result of my work. I refer specifically to:


— the finding that FWISD student performance had fallen below comparison districts from next to the top to next to the bottom during the tenure of Supt. Melody Johnson;
— publication of the audit finding in 2010 indicating that no one was reconciling our $600 million in funds each month, which was withheld from the board for 3 months;
— many of our classrooms had no substitutes when teachers were absent.
— creeping increases in funding [of] the central office ($18 million) at the expense of a $20 million cut in our classroms; and
— raises averaging over $600 per month given to over 100 central office personnel.

With the exception of these raises, all of these serious problems are now being addressed.”

Board President Judy Needham said she will not have comment until the item is considered. The board will meet Tuesday at 5 p.m. at the District’s board complex at 2903 Shotts St. Here is a copy of the agenda, which also includes possibly taking another vote on the Palazzolo settlement.


  1. It’s called Karma.
    You supported Dansby for Superintendent in spite of what Teachers told you;
    Your motion fired Palazzolo a second time without the ordered hearing;
    You voted to make Needham Board President.
    You reap what you sow.

  2. Wow Sutherland…guess now you know how it feels huh? The way it looks like from where I am sitting; you are being utilized as the scapegoat, for leaking the audio to the FWISD website!? It’s not like you haven’t done that before right? Remember you and the other two evil ones (Vasquez and Rangel) encouraged Linda Labeau to go to the media with the teacher letters, which prompted the AHHS/Palazzolo scandal 3 years ago??? Yeah, maybe it is about the Palazzolo case, as you surmised, considering you were on the audio, laughed at a comment the lawyer made “we don’t want a picture of Palazzolo and Dansby holding hands and singing Kum-ba-ya”, and seconds later Needham said it wasn’t funny and asked you to leave the room! My further guess (and hope) is that perhaps they hang you up to dry, like you have done to Palazzolo. Save the, “I’ve done so many things as my district’s trustee…bullshit”! I guess this is what you get for sleeping with the enemy, then trying to provide a unified front and voting Dansby in with the other two yahoo buddies of yours! You hated Johnson, so you worked with them to hammer Johnson for firing Palazzolo, all the while, you all pretended to support him and once you got what you all wanted, you dropped him like a hot potato! Guess now the shoe is on the other foot huh? You moronic people continue to shame not only the districts you supposedly serve, but the entire body of employees and students that make up FWISD! Do the right thing and step down from the board!

  3. It’s ironic that w/o the Rangel and the fat dr. there to support her that their stooge may be censured by a board that often has been very critical of Sutherland for her actions in trying, according to her, to get information to help the students. When Ann was 1st elected I wrote her asking her to find out if bond money could be used to buy new desks and tables for schools that desperately needed them. She couldn’t be bothered. What she could do was fall lockstep w/ the fat dr. and his agenda which as we all know was all about not the children of this district but his owm political agenda. I hope whoever replaces Ann on the board will be an independent thinker not a drone of a few self-serving politicians.

  4. Well Ann, those of us who have stood by Joe for three (3) years – even appearing at the Courthouse in Decatur – want to know.
    How does it feel?
    You threw him under the bus like your two long gone buddies Vasquez and Rangel just to suck up to the megalomaniac who took you down. Who said sucking up works huh?
    And by the way, as someone said to me this a.m., asking a bunch of questions then doing nothing with the answers does not make you a “reformer”.

    The icing on the cake last night was Jason Oliver being PROMOTED after abusing the minority Special Ed kids in his care and blacklisting a female Coach. This guy should have been fired but he is one of Needham’s boys. What bullshit.
    Of course Kyev Tatum and the SCLC were no where to be found. Dansby was trained under Tocco. Does anyone not see the similar bully tactics?