Theater artists often work in the restaurant service industry to support their creatively fulfilling (as opposed to bank account fulfilling) endeavors onstage. But prolific North Texas theater directors Robin Armstrong and Harry Parker already have day jobs, not to mention long resumes full of critically acclaimed shows –– Parker helmed Circle Theatre’s current show Miracle on South Division Street and Armstrong is Circle’s farceuse extraordinaire (look it up, people) set to direct October’s comedy Too Many Cooks. They’ll be manning and womanning the bar at Grace (777 Main St, FW) for a celebrity bartending happy hour session 5-7pm tonight (Tue June 25). All donations made during their short shift go to Circle Theatre, the Fort’s indispensable purveyor of important contemporary plays. So how is ordering a drink from a stage director different from ordering one by a stage actor? Expect more constructive feedback on your drink. “A splash of grenadine is nice, but it doesn’t reveal anything about your state of mind. Don’t just tell us that you want grenadine, show us what it means to you.” Down the hatch, theater fans!