Wendy Davis has begun what will be a 12-hour filibuster. She’s trying to block Senate Bill 5, which would limit Texas women’s access to abortions. In order to become a law, the bill must pass before midnight tonight. Davis must speak continually until then without a break.

If you’d like to see a live stream of her historic attempt, here is a live feed.


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  1. You go Wendy Davis. You are the voice, the patriot, the hero against Texas republican tyranny, assault on the constitution, and war on women. The Texas republicans want to shred the constitution and take away the most fundamental right to privacy and medical needs within a person’s body. Keep the Texas tyrannical republicans out of our bodies, out of our privacy, and keep intact our constitutional rights from being trampled by the Texas republicans.

    Wendy Davis, we stand proud and support your patriotism and fight against big, tyrannical Texas government.