In addition to being an award winning journalist and author, Peter Gorman is also quite the adventurer. Every year, the Fort Worth Weekly staff writer spends a few weeks in the jungles of Peru leading tours.

On his last trip, he was stricken by a flesh eating bacteria that made him sick. He’s doing much better, though he still might lose his leg, but the medical expenses piled up on the guy. Some friends of his are raising funds to help him pay off his bills.

If you’d like to make a donation, please do so here. Be warned, there’s a pretty gruesome picture of his infected leg on the site.


I know there are a lot of these crowd sourcing type fundraising efforts. But this one seems a little more important than some 20-something’s band getting to make a video, at least to me. Peter is a family man, a great writer, and an outstanding human being. So if you can, please help him out.